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Hello everyone, I am a plump network mall editor, the recent small compilation of SEO articles in A5 contributed a lot, also got everyone's support, in fact, write soft Wen also expensive in a insist, just like Lao Silently wrote a year before a cannon and red, the mind must be loaded with the user first mentality, for the vast number of webmaster to provide a reference to the place, A5 this aspect do very rich, well, small make up this period to write an article about the exchange of friendship links a few points of attention, I hope to improve the PR value and flow of friends will help.

What is a friend chain connection? The link name is also known as the interchange link, the exchange of links, English name is link exchange, Baidu can be found in a variety of flower nouns, is the two sides in their own friends linked to each other on the link between the text link and picture logo, and add hyperlinks, Let the user come in and click to enter the other side of the site. Because the link can bring the benefits are too many, such as PR value promotion (this is a direct factor), traffic growth (if Sohu, Sina home put a friend of your chain, that flow is absolutely equivalent to promote the sum of 1 months) and so on. The so-called Mancing, plus each page of the site is generally not more than 40 friends chain, making many now with bad webmaster (especially selling chain net) in order to get someone else's single necklace and cheat, is in the JS code or IFRAME inside put each other's friends chain, Often some novice finished friends chain after no longer query let them muddle through, such links really meaningless. So what do you pay attention to in exchange for friends? The following small series lists several common methods of attention.

One: Refer to each other PR value

PR is divided into 0-10 levels, the current China's highest PR site on the number of those out of the government network, the rest of the high on Baidu, Yahoo, Tencent and other top-level portals. Change friend chain on the other side of the flow requirements are not necessarily too high, because the traffic has always been the webmaster's problem, but the PR must be at least to reach PR3 above, because it is the site good and bad minimum decision value.

Second: Export quality

Generally each page is not more than 40 for good, and the best friend chain, the exchange of time with webmaster tools to query the other side of the export quantity, if you encounter a large site home export more than 50, that the average points out or you suffer.

Third: Relevance

General exchange friend chain are required to web site relevance, because the PR algorithm, similar to the value of the site accounted for the obvious advantage, we are accustomed to the text connection set for the site's core keywords, PR and keyword promotion are both advantageous, the picture link is set for the website logo, users see at a glance.

Four: Do not with the punishment by K and Taobao guest Exchange

If the Baidu K after, included that is O, even if he has more than PR5 you do not want to greedy this small cheap, often this kind of website will only bring you into the water, although he is trying to remedy, but he was also malicious cheating search engine k his it, recovery back for some time he will "return to the" cheat. There are also some if your portal station, please do not with Taobao customers do exchange friends chain, the direct benefit of those sites is to earn trading commissions, tend to be half a year can have income, and their direct high ranking is to buy black chain, and the site has little content, top Taobao guest content is more than 100, but the chain is more amazing , so if you can only harm yourself, plus Google update time is also enough urgent people, do not take a step wrong instead of their own hard earned results.

Five: Identify the friend chain of deception

This is also the article's most important, fraudulent web site many through the friend chain JS code, or the day did, after a few days and unloaded, search engine query records, means that a little bit with flowers also did not, identify generally have a few strokes. 1, such as the other side of the site before the snapshot as a friend chain without a snapshot, it's possible he deliberately did not give you see, 2, Webmaster Tools simulation spider access, if not your link, maybe he did not do, or did and unloaded, 3, this method requires a master and technical old webmaster, is using PHP or ASP to determine, The programmer who understands these can see it.

Of course, do not see a friend chain Exchange is 1 minutes to complete the small workload, it contains many intriguing methods of bread. Some people switch to high-quality friend chain, when the Google update when the PR springboard like suddenly high, some poor quality of the station but in the update when the Changan down. Honest to do the station, when your site has a high quality comprehensive ranking after others will also take the initiative to the door for your gallant. Well, write here small make up also to work, and finally once again stated: The original by the Splash Net Mall http://www.gggdd.com/Edit original submission, reprint please explain the source, thank you, trouble considerate a webmaster's painstaking care, thank you!

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