5 Tips for Mastering single-page site design

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In the tireless exploration of the designers, the single page design has removed the confusion and monotonous hats, the construction of a relatively intact design system,keep the design simple and beautiful, focus on the content, emphasize the clear expression。 From the user experience point of view, the single-page design does have its advantages and shortcomings, but it is worth noting that the user is really like a single-page site browsing, which is a single page design popular Foundation.

• Single-page site navigation is simple, users are not easy to get lost, only need to scroll up and down.
• The content of the single-page site is more focused, the message is more clear and more targeted.
• The single-page site is almost able to navigate through the full-platform device, scrolling and sliding browsing instead of clicking

  the biggest challenge in designing a single-page site is to keep the user scrolling through the pages to browse the content. Bold color use and beautiful typography do not always attract users ' attention. This time, assuming that you can do a good job of user data analysis and A/B testing, can help you distance from the user's psychological needs closer, design a more tailored web pages. have you seen countless cases and tutorials, or do you have a good one-page design? What you need, perhaps, is to grasp the following 5 design recommendations, they are the essence of the design of a single-page site.

1. Cut the content into chunks

When you plan to tell a story through a single page, be careful not to let the story go too far and not overload the information. Therefore, it is important to partition content reasonably, so that too much content is not squeezed into a chunk. It is necessary to keep the content of the media as clear and tidy as possible from beginning to end, and to maintain logical fluency and clear sequence when designing the content structure (what->why->how->where->when).

The second way to keep the appeal to the user is to use graphics and graphic collocation to tell the story. The story will express the core content in an easy-to-accept way, and its natural logic will attract the user to read it, strictly speaking, within the context of content marketing. This does not mean that you need to hire a writer to help you write a story, you need to focus on the content and its emotional side, and try to make your Web page more user-friendly.

2, design high-speed access to the navigation bar

A single-page site is generally a scrolling way to browse a lot of other content, very many sites simply roll from head to tail. Users open the Web, as if diving into the sea of content, do not know where the end of the page, such a design of the potential danger is that it may reduce the psychological security of users. Thus, a more reasonable solution has emerged: the traditional navigation bar design into a single page design. The navigation bar at the top of the page or on both sides of the permanent stay, with scrolling and change, at the same time to remind the user Ta where, at the same time to ensure ease of use and inner potential.

When the page is long enough, adding navigation, back to the top button, or even the scroll bar will enhance the user experience.

3. Call for user action

When you ask digital media marketers what are the most important factors influencing conversion rates, the answer is generally "call for Action" (CTA). Of course, such a well-planned CTA behavior is only part of the site design. For specific purposes, the CTA behavior that calls for user action is virtually ubiquitous, attracting users to download apps, guide users through the demo, tick the user register, fill out forms, and much more.

Fortunately, the information and content in a single page page is more focused and clear, so the use of CTA is more obvious. On the one hand, the page is usually more minimalist, each part of the Division of labor, and on the one hand, when you use the story to guide users to browse, you can subtly affect the user's mentality, in the climax-or the most reasonable and place, to guide the user to operate.

Of course, there is also a need to add: Good user data analysis and A/b test, determine the site suitable for the use of the CTA, because sometimes, even the font and color changes, can significantly affect the conversion rate.

4, keep the simple, avoid boring

In traditional web design, a very important component is to design the site theme, and to prepare several templates for the internal pages, to meet different needs. When designing a single-page site, you need to face many other challenges, but it also means that you have a greater creative space. With the rapid development of CSS3,HTML5 and JavaScript in recent years, single-page design can be very attractive at the same time while maintaining simplicity. Those smart and beautiful transition animations are details, but which experience is not a good site of these exquisite details of the composition? article information: www.yxkfw.com Game Development Network The best game Programming development technology site.

Of course, do not abuse, excessive, not worth the candle.

5. Keep Lightweight

  a slow, long-loaded single-page site is a failure. because the content on a single page site is concentrated on one page, the single-page site is usually heavier than other sites, with the skills to load content. In this way, you need to be prudent. Some unnecessary animations and insignificant design elements, which you need to remove as appropriate, can significantly reduce loading time and improve the browsing experience. Saving users ' page loading time is your top priority, and loading slowly will not only affect your site's SEO, but will also keep you from losing your target audience. Therefore, it is very necessary to keep the user lightweight.


In short, a single page design is an important way to attract users, to maximize its value, you need not only to do a good job in design, but also to grasp the above 5 important skills. Of course, the site is designed to a large extent depending on the characteristics of the enterprises and institutions that the site serves, and the use of these 5 techniques is closely related. Combined with experience, flexible use, I believe you can design an impressive excellent web page.

5 Tips for Mastering single-page site design

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