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  • I. Elements of user experience
  • Ii. dianshi chengjin
  • Iii. Clear view
  • 4. Win in users
  • Introduction:
  • 5. Change as needed-the power of Design
I. Elements of user experience

English name: the elements of user experience: user-centered design for the Web
Translator: Fan Xiaoyan
Author: Jesse James garret
Subtitle: user-centered Web Design
ISBN: 9787111223108
Page: 167
Pricing: 25.00
Press: Machinery Industry Press
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Publishing year:

Introduction: This book tells you what you need to know before you read other books. If you need a big concept, and you need to understand the decision-making environment made by the user experience designer, this book is perfect for you.
This book has been carefully designed so that you can read it in an hour or two. If you are a newbie in the user experience field, you may be a manager responsible for building a user experience team, or you are a writer or designer who happens to be in this field-this book will give you some basic concepts. If you are already familiar with these methods and user experience concerns, this book will help you more effectively convey these concepts to people you work.
This book is the father of Ajax. This book systematically interprets design, technology, and business integration in a concise language as the most important development trend. The book consists of eight chapters, including the application of user experience and why it is so important, understanding these elements, strategic layer, scope layer, structural layer, framework layer, presentation layer, and elements...
The book uses clear instructions and vivid graphs to analyze the complex connotation of user-centered design methods (UCD) for website design, and focuses on ideas rather than tools or technologies, this gives your website a high-quality experience.
Smart enterprises realize that web design is much more important than creating well-organized code and distinctive graphics. A website meets your strategic goals and user needs. Without a "cohesive and unified User Experience", even the best content and the most sophisticated technology cannot help you balance these goals.
However, creating a user experience seems unexpected and complex. There are many things to consider-availability, brand recognition, information architecture, and interactive design-which makes "the only way to build a successful website" seem to be to spend a lot of money asking those who fully understand this. detail experts.
This book uses clear explanations and vivid graphs to analyze the complex connotation of "user-centered design method (UCD)" for website design, and focuses on ideas rather than tools or technologies. Jesse James Garnett gave readers a general concept about "Website user experience development", from strategic and information architecture requirements to visual design. This simple and easy-to-learn introduction helps any website development team to create a successful user experience, big or small. Ii. dianshi chengjin

English name: Don't make me think
Translator: de dream'
Author: [us] Steve kroke
Subtitle: visitor-oriented Webpage Design tips
ISBN: 9787111184829
Page: 147
Pricing: 39.00 RMB
Press: Machinery Industry Press
Books: User Experience albums
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Publishing year: 2006-8


Availability design is the most important and difficult task in web design. The author of dianshi chengjin analyzes users' Psychology Based on his years of experience, in terms of the user's use mode, browsing design, navigation design, homepage layout, and availability testing, many unique points of view are put forward, A large number of simple and easy-to-use usability design suggestions are provided. This book is short, concise, and humorous. It is interspersed with a large number of colorful screens, interesting cartoon illustrations, and charts containing a large amount of information, making the boring design principle approachable.
This book is suitable for technical staff engaged in web design and web development. It is especially suitable for websites/web designers who are worried about how to retain visitors.

Iii. Clear view

Translator: HE Miao
Author: Robert Hoekman
Subtitle: Path to explicit Web software design
ISBN: 9787111223627
Page: 187
Pricing: 39.0
Press: Machinery Industry Press
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Publishing year: 2008-1


This book explains why and how to design a simple and easy-to-use web-based software that allows users to use it effectively with common sense alone. The main content includes: explicit design concept, how to understand the user, mental model, information design, clever response to errors, consistent design, streamlining and optimization, and the importance of improvement. Through in-depth explanations and rich practical cases, the book helps readers understand and master the essence of explicit design, and easily and skillfully design simple and easy-to-use web-based software.

4. Win in users

Translator: Fan Xiaoyan
Author: [us] Steve Mulder/[us] zivv yarr
Subtitle: Web character role creation and application practices
ISBN: 9787111218883
Page: 195
Pricing: 29.00
Press: Machinery Industry Press
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Publishing year:


This book will walk you through every step of creating a role, including conducting qualitative and quantitative user research, generating a classification of the role, and making the role authentic and credible. You will also learn how to effectively use this tool to complete the entire process from guiding the overall business strategy to determining details such as the information architecture, content, and design.

You will see in the book:
Clear and clear suggestions help you make full use of the results obtained from user interviews, surveys, and log file analysis to understand who is visiting your website, and how to provide them with the best services.
Step-by-Step user classification, including new techniques for statistical analysis of survey results.
You can use the methods of creating operable roles to apply them to website policies, designs, and development.

5. Change as needed-the power of Design

Translator: Wu xiaochen
Author: Peter merholz/Brandon schauer/David verba/Todd Wilkens
Subtitle: provide great products and services for the ever-changing world
ISBN: 9787111265672
Page: 123
Pricing: 29
Press: Machinery Industry Press
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Publishing year: 2009


Enterprises need a series of new competitiveness:
Qualitative user research: understanding user behavior and motivation.
Open Design Process: Transforms new ideas into excellent user experience.
Agile technical implementation: abandon the discussion on paper to quickly create prototypes so that more people can provide ideas.
In this book, Adaptive Path, a leading experience strategy and design company, describes how successful enterprises can shape their product R & D processes through user experience.

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