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Master to lead the door, practice in the individual, but want to bring the user outside the gate, is not an easy job. Today to share a few exquisite skills, to help you run the silent like to improve the user's login experience, mostly from the top of the design of the enterprise refined out, practical is very strong, to learn slightly.

The best way to improve the user experience, or rather to make the product better, boils down to making it easier for users to use the entire experience of a product. And there's a lot you can do to improve the experience of the login process.

Here we'll explore the five ways to improve the login process experience, starting with two different types of logins, followed by a discussion of the importance of tagging and the problem of resource consumption.

Landing type:

Users typically have two different ways to log in to a Web site. One of the newest ways to do this is through a social networking site's account that uses a Third-party authorization to log in, a way that can be seen on many apps. For a new app or product, this is especially true if you don't want to interrupt the user to fill out an account. Logging in via Facebook or Twitter, for example, is easy because you just click on a button and wait a few seconds to connect to the social networking site.

Another approach is to log in by providing a username or email address and password. This is a more common type of login that can enhance the user experience. The techniques described here are also related to this type of login. All login types have their pros and cons, and now we're going to focus on how to improve the typical and traditional experience of logging in.

1. Allow Mailbox Login

We can often see a Web site does not need to fill in the user name when registering. It's normal to use a mailbox to log in, right? Either use the username or use the mailbox, I don't think it's a problem. Please allow both ways, my question is when the mail landing should also be allowed when it is only to recognize the user name.

I have encountered that type of mailbox or user name can be landed, but the label information only shows "username", design this is a flaw.

Generally speaking, users use the same email address, but they don't necessarily use the same username. For example, the username of my Twitter account is not the same as my Instagram username, because there are users who have been registered on Instagram with the same name as I used on Twitter.

And besides, my OkCupid account is not the same as other accounts, and this time I deliberately, because in OkCupid I do not want to let people know my full name. However, all of these accounts can be logged in using the same mailbox. No matter what the plan, the user name and mailbox are allowed to use when landing, it will be very convenient for users.

  2. Provide a clear error message

When it comes to logging in, the feedback you provide to users is more or less the more exquisite. Too much information may be exploited by hackers, and too little information may increase user confusion.

We have to admit that the system automatically generated error prompts such as "Invalid input" does not help the user. Error tips should be in a more understandable language.

If you want to be better at user experience, you can use Javascrip to help users confirm the correctness of input information in advance. One of the best cases is that the user mistakenly put the. com input into the smartphone. Con or small points also forget to input, the system can be identified and timely reminders. Before the user clicks on the submission or after the loss of all the information before they can see the feedback, know the information they entered correctly or not. And the user's life becomes simpler because it saves the user's time. (If you have security concerns, error messages are not specifically specific)

 3. To provide users with a link to retrieve the password

You might think this is obvious, but some sites will ignore it. You will often want a link to retrieve the forgotten password. (Forget user name also!) Don't hide the link or let the user experience many failed attempts to find it. Let it be ready at all times. It doesn't have to be in the obvious, it's not that important, but it's supposed to be around the login form.

  4. Don't disturb users

Generally there are two ways to set up logins, one is the window at the top of the page login, there is a separate landing page.

There are certainly some advantages to having a single page login approach. However, if you take this approach, please keep in mind that there is not too much interference information around the landing page, and that the first thing you want is for the user to log in to the account and then the product to promote such information. When a user logs in, it becomes easier to sell something to the user.

In addition, I would like to mention the question of reservations and conversions. The less interference the user has, the easier it is for the user to log in, allowing you to further promote the product. If this method works for both the registration form and the checkout system, it should also apply to the login. and the number of irrelevant items on the page is less, and the loading speed will be faster.

 5. Important Labels

The copy and location on any form (control) is important. No matter what you do, do not write the "submit" button as "submit", instead of "landing" instead. It's so simple. This allows the user to know and think about the exact thing after the click.

It enhances the user experience and is a great help to you. Avoid only one input box for users to fill out, at least put an icon in the inside, but it is best to use an input tag to prompt the user what to fill out. Don't forget to make sure that you can log in by mail and username.


All right, here's the thing to say. 5 ingenious ways to improve the user experience of the logon process. I hope these things will help you and use them as you wish. They can make the user's login process very smooth, everything is to make things easier and more convenient!

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