50 Android Developer Essentials UI effect Source [reprint]

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50 Android Developer Essentials UI effect Source [reprint]


Android imitation of the main Page implementation Chapter
Android Imitation Interface Navigation Chapter
Android High Imitation QQ Friends Group list
Android High Imitation QQ interface sliding effect
Android high-imitation QQ landing interface
Android's expansion of the path rotation effect
Android High Imitation 360 security guard layout Source
Android Slidingdrawer Slide Drawer effect
Android Mock UI Design Source
Android implementation of the left and right window sliding effect source code
Android custom implementation of high-de map layer effect source code
3D Effects for Android Gallery view
Android Beautiful UI source (for sliding control, speed control, various layouts, custom components)
Android Aesthetic Simple Image switch source (can be used as an advertisement)
Using the GridView in Android to implement the tag effect source code
Android Multi-layer drawer effect source code
Android SMS message content is displayed in a bubble-shaped window
Android-type path layout application source
Android Soft Keyboard popup dynamically changing UI layout (IM Chat window design example)
Android High Imitation navigation page effect source code
Android Imitation UCWeb interface source
Android Transparent Menu Source
Android High Imitation cool Circle turn Menu Implementation code
Android implementation of the "Tiannvsanhua" effect source code
Android under imitation WP7 Metro interface source code
Android under the master imitation of NetEase sliding source
Android Class NetEase News Home Source
Android Imitation iphone4 jitter effect source code
Android Bubble Chat Interface implementation
Android 3D rotation with gesture source
Android mobile phone imitation Apple phone real book page turn effect
Android has a plain UI of the city weather source
Android splash screen, tabactivity, tab switch image, Sina Weibo practice
Hover text search above Android fake fast search box
Drag-and-drop floating box in Android to implement source code
Android Fireworks realize the source code
Android smart Beautiful Clock source code
Android under the implementation of UC and ink-like weather drag effect of the source code
Use Gallery in Android to implement the tag effect source code
Android tabhost Bottom Menu (similar to iphone)
Android for beginners to learn about drag-and-drop menu layouts
Example of a bubble effect on Android with a touch interface
Fruit Ninja Blade Implementation on Android (just Blade, not the whole project)
Using the Bell Curve ebook, you can scroll freely
OpenGL implements Ophone3d effect source code
Android Underwater Wave effect source

50 Android Developer Essentials UI effect Source [reprint]

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