50 demos demonstrate the Infinite Charm of HTML5

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The comparison between flash and HTML5 has become one of the hottest topics nowadays. We don't want to argue Which one is better or worse. Like HTML5 in terms of cool animations and simple games, flash will always be a good choice for rich content web applications and games, unless HTML5 has some significant developments in the next few years. The following 50 very cool HTML5 Application Instances are collected to demonstrate their unlimited potential.

1. tunneler

2. juicydrop

3. Magnetic

4. Trail

5. sinuous

6. ddd

7. Harmony

8. lines go all over the place.

9. Chrome canopy

10. Ball pool

11. Chain Reaction

12. Entanglement

13. blob

14. biolab disaster

15. Google gravity

16. Core

17. gartic

18. HTML5 video destruction

19. The Tristan locking ing Machine

20. Changing background

21. HTML5 drum kit

22. Dynamic Content Injection

23. Geolocation

24. Video for everybody!

25. projekktor zwei

26. contenteditable

27. Drag and Drop

28. Canvas photo

29. 360 ° MP3 player

30. javortex

31. 3D model Viewer

32. 3D landscape on HTML5 canvas

33. Stalk buttons

34. Javascript fireworks

35. Blob salad

36. sublimevideo

37. Catch it!

38. breakout clone

39. Sketchpad

40. Simple drag and drop

41. canvaspaint

42. Monster

43. Making waves with HTML5

44. Starfield

45. The mesmerizer

46. bomomo

47. Canvas nebula

48. Liquid participant

49. Moving cloth in HTML5

50. canvasmol


50 advanced HTML5 demos to show it's power

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