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Firefox has hundreds of extensions, which one do you want to use? This collection of 50 popular extensions, download after installation, will make your Firefox browsing easier. Note that most extensions can be used on FireFox2.0, and if they are not available, use the Nightly Tester tools extension to get them to work. When a new Firefox version is released, this extension will allow you to easily update these existing extensions.

  Label Page Management

All-in-one gestures-multi-all-in-one mouse gesture, a collection of popular scrolling, navigation and other directional plug-in mouse gestures.

Tabbrowser Preferences-enhanced tab Browsing extension, provides a comprehensive graphical interface, so that users can easily change the hidden settings in Firefox, so that Firefox's tabbed page browsing function more powerful and perfect, and provides detailed settings on how links are opened.

Tab Mix Plus-adds more functionality to the page sign, allows you to open multiple links on a single tab, or opens the same link on multiple pages, merges or closes links to the same domain, and so on.

Restart Firefox-a "Restart Firefox" is added to the File menu, which can be handy when installing extensions or plug-ins, without shutting down Firefox.

Sessionsaver-Restores the last open page, and if you've used Firefox for the last time, it works for the crashed Firefox.

Duplicate Tab-Allows you to copy the same page sign (including browsing history, etc.) in a new window or in the current window.

Colorful Tabs-allows open labels to become colored, making the interface landscaping.

Viamatic foxpose-Add an icon to the status bar and click to open all the tabs.

Firefox Showcase-simplifies positioning and selecting the operation of the current window.

Separe-Help organize the current page sign.

Permatabs-Enables a selected tab to not be closed and always resides in memory.

Faviconizetab-Adjusts the width of the page check and displays only the icon.

  Web page link Management

Linky-Download all pages, images, file links, and so on in the selection.

Webmailcompose-Send the email link on the Web page to the sending e-mail address of the Web mail automatically.

Linkification-Enables Firefox to identify link addresses and open links when viewing plain text.

IE Tab-use the IE kernel to access the Web page. Especially useful for pages that only support ie.

Firefoxview-use Firefox to open the current page in IE.

Paste and go-let you automatically open the page after pasting the URL into the address bar, or use the shortcut key ctrl-shift-v.

Errorzilla-modifies the default 404 error page As a Google cached page.

  File Download Management

FlashGot-Multithreading Download tool.

PDF Download-provides viewers with more control of the PDF, when you click on a PDF link Firefox will pop up a dialog box for you to do the optional action: Download, open on the tab, in the New tab page in HTML view, cancel.

Scrapbook-Easy to save and manage Web pages.

DownThemAll-You can download all the connections in a Web page with just a little.

Targetalert Targetalert-can help you scan all hyperlinks in your Web page, and add a specific icon to a hyperlink that matches a specific file type, so you can know what type of file it is without having to look at the URL.

Download Manager Tweak-modifies the Firefox default download manager so that it can open the Download Management window in the Bookmark column (side column) or tab page.

Download Statusbar-lets you see the current progress of the download file from the Status column.

Disable Targets for Downloads-prevents a new window from opening when clicking on the link download file.

FireFTP-a completely free, secure, cross-platform FTP client feature implemented in Firefox.

  Browsing Web Management

Greasemonkey-You can install a user-written script to implement custom functions that are powerful.

Image Zoom-Use the right key with the wheel to enlarge and shrink the picture.

Fasterfox-accelerates Firefox startup and operation, network performance tuning and optimization.

Spellbound-Checks the spelling of the current completed form in English.

BugMeNot-Bypassing the site settings of the login restrictions, direct access to the Web page, you can dispense with cumbersome registration of the site process.

Autocopy-Selecting anything on the page will automatically copy it to the Clipboard and paste it into the middle mouse.

Copy Plain text-Copy the current text content without formatting, and then copy all fonts in the current page.

Google Images Re-linker-bypasses the Google Image Search Frame preview page and directly browses the larger image of the thumbnail inside.

Stop-or-reload button-integrates refresh and stop into one button.

Extended Statusbar-something like opera's status bar, a status bar showing speed, percent of progress, time, and number of bytes loaded.

Resizeable Textarea-Allows you to adjust the size of the form text entry box without having to stop dragging the scroll bar.

Adblock Plus-adblock Plus is a reinforced version of Adblock. can block specific Web sites and AD objects on the Web page (such as pictures, Flash).

Flashblock-Blocks all flash.

Sage-A lightweight RSS reader that provides a window to read RSS in the sidebar.

Cacheout-Lets you access a page through Google's cache or proxy.

Pearl Crescent Page Saver-Screenshots program, you can save the entire page as a picture.

Reload Every-Automatically refreshes a page.

Copy url+-Allows the user to copy the page's URL and title while copying the text selected above the page.

Informenter-an assistant to fill out a form in semi-automatic mode. This extension adds a small, clickable icon to each input field in a Web form, where you can choose to insert the entry--no typing required. You can set the menu to show the information you use frequently, such as name, email, address, and so on.

All-in-one Sidebar-In the sidebar you can quickly switch bookmarks, downloads and extensions, and so on, or in the sidebar landing site, view the source code, in addition, there are sidebar switch handles and toolbars, click on the side of the browser on the edge of the raised to open/close the extension, All of which allow users to freely customize

Text Size Toolbar-Add a button to increase or decrease the font, or to revert to the default font.

Reveal-lets you see thumbnails of pages in your history so you can quickly find the pages you need.

Mystickies-Lets you put a scratch paper on the web and use the tag tag.

Clear Cache button-Add a button to clear the cache in the toolbar, and click once to erase the history.

Gtranslate-Right-click on the page to use Google to translate the contents of the current page.

Xinha here! -A WYSIWYG text editor.

Yoono-Instant display of suggested URLs and share common interest URLs.

Blueorganizer-helps you customize your personalized information to help you save time to find relevant information.

  Privacy and security management

Switchproxy-lets you quickly switch between multiple proxy servers to achieve anonymous Internet access.

NoScript-only allow a trusted Web site to enable JavaScript, Java, or other plug-ins. The whitelist is based on the priority blocking mechanism, preventing attacks that exploit known or unknown security vulnerabilities without losing any functionality.

Always Remember Password-let some websites always remember your password without having to re-enter it. Used against websites that always let you lose passwords, such as banks.

Cookieculler-enhanced version of the cookie manager.

Stealther-Use the Browse Web page without leaving any traces.

  Web search Management

Google Toolbar for Firefox-google toolbar software enables a variety of practical functions.

Customizegoogle-Enhanced Google search results, add a lot of additional information, and delete some useless information (such as Google ads, etc., personally feel that this does not seem very good).

Nextplease-Adds a forward back button for the browser, or a page-turn button.

Bettersearch-enhanced Google, MSN search, Yahoo Search, A9, answers.com, AllTheWeb, dogpile.com, del.icio.us and simpy.com book Search results such as marks.

Answers-If you hold down the ALT key and point to any word, you can get a quick correlation definition or explanation.

  music, video management

Foxytunes-listening to music while surfing the internet. You can control your favorite media player without leaving the browser.

Mediaplayerconnectivity-Allows you to play a web-embedded video with an external media player when you press it lightly.

  e-Mail management

Gmail Manager-Used to manage multiple Gmail accounts at the same time, displaying new mail statistics in each account.

Gmail Notifier-Automatically checks Gmail for emails.

Ajax Yahoo Mail-add Ajax to Yahoo Mail, and you can view the message with just one click.

  Bookmark Management

Bookmark with Del.icio.us-integrates del.icio.us in Firefox and easily publishes its own bookmarks without leaving the current page.

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer-After the plugin is installed, it automatically synchronizes the current bookmark in the background.

StumbleUpon-is a Firefox plugin that makes it easier for you to browse through excellent websites.

Reliby-Provides a feature that refreshes all instant bookmarks.

Clipmarks-Lets you save and share page content without entering the entire page.

  Other popular service management

AdSense Notifier-Displays AdSense revenue in the status bar.

Forecastfox-Displays the weather report in the status bar.

StockTicker-Show the stock status you like.

Dictionarysearch-Online dictionary to find words.

Web Developer-Web developers use tools that have many excellent features.

Performancing for Firefox-a blog editor that allows you to easily post articles in WordPress, MovableType, or bloggers.

Map+-Allows you to quickly view the selected address in the map without changing the window.

ChatZilla-A clean and easy-to-use IRC chat client software. These are the 50 great Firefox extensions I recommend, not that you need to fully endorse the extensions I've chosen, this is just an attempt to discover the best Firefox extensions, and this article will be updated if you discover what a better Firefox extension is, Please leave a message and tell me.

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