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I haven't read many books here, but I can still hear these words.

1. It would be hard for anyone to confront people openly. (HOMA epic)

2. Survival or destruction is a question worth thinking about. (Hammtant)

3. Good people will realize that there is a proper path even if they are confused in their pursuit. (FUDE)

4. Knowing your ignorance is the most reliable way to know the world. Method . (Subfolist)

5. Do you think I have no feelings if I am poor and look ordinary? I swear to you, if God gives me wealth and beauty, I will make you unable to leave me, just as I cannot leave you now. Although God did not do this, we are still equal in spirit. (Simple? Love)

6. All the adults have failed to learn. God is testing them. You have not been tested yet. You should follow Child Idea life. (Childhood)

7. The less you have, the higher you will be. If you fight people with no mercy, you will be afraid of you. We can only treat men and women as horses, ride them exhausted, and drop them on the station, so that you can reach the highest peak of desire. (Old man Gao)

8. I just want to prove one thing, that is, when the devil tempted me, and then told me that I have no right to go that way, because I am just a cockroach, same as all others. (Crime and Punishment)

9. You see, Sancho? Pansha's friends, over thirty amazing giants appeared there. (Tang? Quixote)

10. I don't want you to suffer worse than I do, sisisiliff. I only hope we will never be separated: If I have a sentence that will make you sad in the future, think about how sad I feel in the ground. for my own sake, forgive me! (Huxiao Villa)

11. Happiness The families are the same. Unfortunately, the families are different. (Anna? Kareina)

12. Alas, the slaves of Italy, you have a sad journey. You are no longer a housewife in every province, but a brothel in this storm! (Divine Comedy)

13. It is sometimes a bad thing to bury your feelings too deeply. If Women Hiding her feelings for the man she loves may lead her to lose his chance. (Arrogance and prejudice)

14. The bell rang again ...... The sound is quiet and peaceful. Even in the good month when a woman is a bride, the bell always smells like autumn. (Noisy and turmoil)

15. A person is not born to be defeated. You can destroy him as much as possible, but beat him undefeated. (Old man Hai)

16. Of course, the rows are good, but do not make any fuss. (Set people)

17. Bread! Bread! We want bread! (Sprout)

18. I have never loved this world, and it is the same to me. (Byryong poetry election)

19. Love should give people a sense of freedom, not a sense of imprisonment. (Son and lover)

20. Storm On that day, we will even blow down some of the trees, some of the towers of churches will collapse, and some palaces will shake! (Hainie poetry election)

21. The person whose behavior is the most shameful is always the first to speak ill of others. (Pseudo-gentleman)

22. At this moment, a kind of spiritual emotion arises, believing that life is made up of weeping, twitching, and smiling, and the majority of them are exhausted. (Ou? Henry's Short Story selection)

23. History loves heroic deeds and condemned the consequences of such deeds. (Mysterious Island)

24. Throughout the next half day, people will listen to the question of goat fat balls. However, I have always called her "lady", but now I have simply called her "lady". No one knows what this is, it seems that she had climbed to a certain position in the evaluation. Now, people want to take her down from that position, so that she can understand her position as Shang Xun? (Selection of mobosang short stories)

25. Will spring be far away If winter comes? (The election of the poetry of Shirley)

26. I understand that I have found an existing answer, my disgusting answer, and my entire life answer. In fact, all things I understand can be attributed to the absurd. (Nausea)

27. there are such happy people in the world who turn their sufferings into the happiness of others. They shed tears to bury their hopes in the world, but they become seeds and grow flowers and perfume, for the desperate person Healing Trauma. (Uncle Tom's hut)

28. When Grego? Samsa woke up from a restless dream and found that he had become a huge flea in bed. (Metamorphosis)

29. when the reality is broken down and stuck together on our long-term dream, it covers the dream and integrates with it, just as two identical images overlap and combine into one. (Recalling the past few years)

30. The most painful thing between people is to suffer from annoyance and damage where you think you deserve good faith and friendship. (Biography of giants)

31. Now I want to pay special attention to what you have said: the person who exists in others' hearts is the soul of this person. This is what you are and what your consciousness depends on in your life, Nutrition That is, your soul, your immortality, and your life that exists in others. (Dr rivargo)

32. Virtue is like incense, burning or squeezing, and its fragrance becomes more intense. It is the best to reveal evil virtues and bad luck is the best to reveal virtues. (Bacon's essay collection)

33. Dear Enis, I Going Abroad To love you, I stay abroad, to love you, and to love you! (David? Copoffir)

34. force people who often fall in love to become more core and never turn their hearts back. (Conspiracy and love)

35. In the common sense of various things, love cannot be changed and blocked, because in nature, love will only die on its own, and it cannot be reversed by any strategy. (Ten-day discussion)

36. As long as you are a swan egg, it does not matter if you are born in a chicken farm. (Andersen's Fairy Tale)

37. As far as speculative drilling camps are concerned, the value of the world is always incomparable. (Soul of death)

38. Anyone can make a mistake. The more you think about one thing, the easier it will be to make mistakes. (Adventures of good soldier Shuai ke)

39. We have experienced Life The sudden arrival of everything, no defense, just like the actors into the first row. If the first rehearsal in life is life itself, what is the value of life? (Light in Life)

40. he has discovered a *** of human behavior that he does not know. That is, to make an adult or a child want to do something, you just need to try to make that thing difficult. (Tom? The adventures of soya)

41. For those with faith, death is the door to eternal life. (Paradise Lost)

42. There is a legend that says there is a bird that only sings once in its life. The song is more beautiful than the song of all creatures in the world. (Thorn Birds)

43. After his life, he returned to the land where he was born. From small to large, he has always been a witness to that place. (Ulius)

44. keeping in touch with God is one thing they all agree with, but it is another thing to keep God around 24 hours a day. (22nd Military Rules)

45. In a sweet dream, everyone is equal, but when the sun rises and the struggle for survival begins again, how unequal people are. (Mr. President)

46. Development The deposit of human intelligence is indispensable for the benefit of suffering. (Count of kidushan)

47. The closer you are, the farther you go. The simplest tone requires the hardest exercises. (The election of Poetry in Tagore)

48. Sorrow makes the body more acute. (John? Krisdorf

49. I often fail before women because I love them too much. ("Regret")

50. She opened her desperate eyes and watched the loneliness of her life. Like a sailors who have sunk a ship, she is far away in the Misty Sky Search a trace of Bai fan. (Mrs Bovary)

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