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5.1 I watched my children at home. After taking some time and finding a few hotels in Changchun with LP, I tried to enjoy it. I will record it below:

1: Sanshu zhuyuan

The store is located on the 6th floor of Zhuo Zhan department store on Chongqing Road. It ranks No. 1 in Changchun region on the public comments page. It is an authentic Sichuan Restaurant. The hotel is dominated by a black tone and the environment is good, the price is somewhat expensive. I ordered a spicy fairy bone, a pickled fish, and two bowls of burden noodles. As soon as I heard of Wang laoji, I spent 94 pieces. The service was quite good, while leaving, we also sent a large bucket of chili sauce to us.

2: Kilian Korean barbecue store

This store is located in the business area of Guilin Road. The hotel is not very well located, but it has special characteristics. It mainly deals with Korean food. There is a piano at the door. The people playing the piano are generally technical, but it is not disturbing the people, we ordered a roast steak and a five-day cauliflower, which cost only 27 yuan, very economical. The decoration of a hotel is special. It gives you a very simple feeling. There are many old books on the stool side, but LP and I are probably referring to it. The barbecue utensils are engraved with four words: "The earth is the best". LP explains that Koreans cannot leave their land for the rest of their lives, however, the waiter's explanation is that "Korean people want to eat food from their motherland no matter where they are", and they do not know which one is right. It is recommended that the barbecue often tastes good, even if it is five daylily, there is no papa's delicious.

3: laudufang

This store is located in Hongqi Street, a northeast restaurant and runs all the specialties in Northeast China. We ordered a piece of fried bean sprout, a piece of mashed potatoes, and a portion of catfish stew and eggplant, and spent 44 pieces, it tastes good and the price is very affordable. If you don't need an invoice after dinner, you can get a small gift with different prices.

4: Achang dumplings

This store is also in Hongqi Street. The environment is very general, but the dumplings are delicious. The most famous one is the anchang bibimbap. We suggest you try it.

5: food room

This shop is located in Guilin road, with an environment level. The decoration is a bit like "Made in kitchen". It mainly serves western food and looks at the menu. The price is too high and there is no special feature. LP and I will flash away.

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