51.com internal email exposure: Employees are encouraged to acknowledge poor performance

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[Sohu IT News] (WEN/Lei Feng) on September 19, February 6, Sohu IT received an email from the management layer of 51.com from reliable channels to internal staff, which was sent in the name of "51.com management team, A review of 2008 was made and employees are expected to work together to achieve better development in 2009.

In the email, the 51.com management team admitted that the performance in 2008 was not satisfactory, and there were also some bottlenecks in management. In addition to the impact of the macroeconomic environment and the competitive landscape, the main responsibility lies in the management team.

At the same time, the management team of 51.com believes that "the hurdle we met today is also a rule, so we follow the rule, sum up lessons, make timely and firm adjustments, and move it over, we will win new developments! The Long March suffered a great deal, but it made the Red Army mature. I think our 08 years of experience can make our team more mature !"

The person in charge of 51.com confirmed to Sohu IT that this was issued by Pang Shengdong's management team on behalf of 51.com to internal staff and was intended to cheer the staff up.

Prior to this, 51.com fell into a whirlpool of public opinion due to the hacking of Tencent employees and rainbow QQ, and some News recently reported that 51.com was preparing to cut salaries.

The full text of the email is as follows:

08 years have passed. The performance in was unsatisfactory, and there were also some bottlenecks in management. We believe that in addition to the influence of the macroeconomic environment and the competitive landscape, the main responsibility lies in our management team. However, employees, together with us, are suffering from the company's development. The problem arises. The key lies in whether our team can correctly face the problem, acknowledge the problem, and make effective adjustments in a timely manner.

The company has been in Shanghai for more than three years. The company's development in the past few years has been relatively smooth, in terms of performance growth and investment and financing. However, after a few years of success, you will surely encounter a hurdle. This hurdle has passed and become smooth again. After a few years of success, you will also encounter a hurdle. This is the law of Things development. Therefore, the hurdle we met today is also a rule. So, we will adapt to the rule, sum up experience and lessons, make adjustments in a timely and firm manner, move it over, and win new developments! The Long March suffered a great deal, but it made the Red Army mature. I think our 08 years of experience can make our team more mature!

Here, we reiterate that our constant goal is to make more people happy.

1) let all users come here, feel happy, and find the home of the soul, not because of your poor product design and service, but complain and worry.

(If the score is 100, we can only score 50 points at present)

2) make employees of the company happier. In addition to earning a good salary and feeling stable, employees can also join in a small but great undertaking: Everyone contributes together like a nest of bees, make millions and tens of millions of users happy with our products.

(For employee happiness, we can only score 70 points at present)

We hope that in the first half of, we can hit 80 for users and 90 for the second half. In this case, I believe our employees can score 90. Our task is arduous, but as long as the management team has perseverance and employees have confidence, we can do it! We are willing to do this!

1. When encountering difficulties, do not complain or be negative. Focus on solving problems and unite with colleagues. If you look back, you will find that complaints and hate will only increase your grief and affect your own interests. Everyone is born with different personalities, but it turns out they can all be improved. The earlier the improvement, the more favorable it is for you. It cannot be improved and will be eliminated.

2. Do not hate competitors.

The so-called people have rivers and lakes, whether it is people or enterprises, there are always opponents, there are always people make you uncomfortable, we are not God, we will be troubled by the difficulty of the opponent, but later found that, we do not use hate to look at our opponents. Think of them as partners who are struggling to provide better services to human society together with you! The pressure they put on you is exactly what they are trying to achieve you. After thinking this way, our mentality will be much better. The so-called invincible in the heart is invincible in the world.

3. The history is written by the author!

Although the past few years have been smooth, there have been many difficulties. At the earliest time, the company was very small and had only one server. Once the data was completely damaged by hacker attacks, we held the server and looked for experts everywhere. Finally, we restored the data in 15th days. At that time, various conditions were very bad. We gave up a little bit, but the data of tens of thousands of users was there. Only by sticking to it was the last 51! After arriving in Shanghai, the server fell down every day. Our wish was that we could not shut down the server one day. On New Year's Day, New Year's Eve, the server fell down across the board, mr. Pang, Mr. Wang, Xie, and colleagues from the O & M Department rushed to the data center in Ningbo at PM. They fought all night for a few days to complete the server! The night they went, the fireworks burst out of the window... We think back to the path our company has taken, and look at the path that other successful people have taken. Behind the scenes, there are no setbacks, but we are indomitable and brave!

Next, we will make effective work arrangements immediately. In the future, there will be some bad things, and there will be little problems. We will work together to make improvements in a timely manner, so that in the future, everyone is happy!

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