"51CTO Academy Three Anniversary" This Is LIFE!!!

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Sometimes luck will determine a person's life, I used to think I was not how lucky a person, but now I feel very lucky, I am a suitable for learning, but not a suitable person to listen to, which means that I am in China's education system when the weak side.

But luck will come to my head, because I am learning the network, a chance to let me hear the name of the simulator, so I went to Baidu a tutorial:

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Really in this tutorial, and then I know the existence of 51CTO, but also know the professor of this course of the teacher-Chenxin Jay's existence, it is not polite to say that they changed my life, the university face the network this term I do not know how to learn, but I found on the 51CTO Chen Xinjie teacher, His way of teaching is his own knowledge of the integration of the way, I feel that it is the most suitable for my learning style, but also his class time to introduce the tool in my life and learning more organized.

Now I am still brushing the class, but I am very happy, do not know how long I have not tasted the joy of learning.

Thank 51cto gave me such an opportunity, but also thanks to Chen Xinjie Teacher's teachings.


I am participating in the "51CTO College three anniversary, I have to say in the college harvest" essay activities, participation on the prize ~ You also come to see it ~

Event Address: http://51edu.blog.51cto.com/8899635/1775394

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"51CTO Academy Three Anniversary" This Is LIFE!!!

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