"51CTO Academy three Anniversary" to be a man of technology, to be old and to learn

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I am very happy, also very honored to become a student of 51CTO College, I personally engaged in computer work for more than 10 years, I am ashamed, I have not broken through their own technical bottleneck, has been doing in Windows operation and maintenance work and weak engineering work. Oneself also once bought a book self-taught a bit of Linux knowledge, but the light on their own learning progress is very slow, very slow, no system to learn, there is no correct method in self-study encountered problems can not find a teacher, ask degrees Niang, answer a lot, but some are not the answer that they want, And some of the answers are not validated.
One day the lucky God landed on me, on the 51CTO official online see RHCE7 certification, through online learning, from scratch. At first I was thinking, is it true? It's not a lie, is it? After looking for a friend, he said, he often in the 51CTO to buy gold coin study, inside the teacher are master, also worthy of trust. Finally, I enrolled in the study RHCE7 certification. Here thanks to the money (Haiyan) teacher, in the registration study loan also appeared an episode, but eventually still smooth loan study.
I am starting from June 2, 2016 to learn RHCE7, Duan Teacher's course. So far, I personally think that the teacher said the class is the best, the best. Why do you say that? Before I reported to 51CTO College, I went to other training institutions to listen to classes, such as: a training institution under the line. Several of them are in the way of PowerPoint lectures, there is no live video. In the course of the lecture of 51CTO College, the teacher speaks the concept or principle of the knowledge point, and explains it through real life examples, and starts with the Windows system, and cuts into the Linux system which we want to learn in the end. This will not be tedious to listen to, but easy to understand. The most important point after class can also be repeated on-line watching video lectures, review.
I am a 70后 person, I have been thinking, I can not go on like this, I always have to be able to come up with the ability to take out the gold peak, now is the network Information age, the cloud era, the big data age, I do not study, or in situ, and soon be eliminated. Start with the present. The person who makes the technology, must live to learn old. Times are changing, and science is making progress as a technology man? Of course, keep up with times. Thank you for the teacher to teach me the knowledge, thank you for the Money teacher registration before the help, but also thanks to the 51CTO College platform.

I am participating in the "51CTO College three anniversary, I have to say in the college harvest" essay activities, participation on the prize ~ You also come to see it ~

"51CTO Academy three Anniversary" to be a man of technology, to be old and to learn

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