53 private secrets

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53 private secrets

1. How to stop drinking:
Take raw almonds, two or a small amount of MSG into water, then soak, put two drops in the wine, drink less together, you can stop drinking.
2. How to quit smoking:
Betel nut, drill a small hole, and then fill a little smoke in the small hole to use water bubbles for two days to take out the dry, when you want to smoke, smell it will not suck, anyone can quit smoking.
3. How to wake up:
100 grams of vinegar, sugar, and tea leaves each. After being drunk, you can drink it immediately. You can wake up more quickly.
4. White teeth:
When you brush your teeth, add baking soda to your toothpaste. After you brush your teeth three times, the teeth become white and white, and rust will naturally fall off.
5. How to remove bad breath:
Put a few slices of tea in your mouth three times a day, this will keep your mouth fresh, remove bad breath in three days.
6. What should I do if my voice is lost:
50 grams of vinegar, 50 grams of sugar, 250 grams of cold water stir evenly, slowly drink, one day, serious patients increase twice at night.
7. What should I do with dry stool:
Place your fingers in a thick scallions section, dipped in a little sesame oil, insert into the anus, move up and down, dry all the year round with vinegar essence.
8. psoriasis:
Soak one or two peeled Pine Seed with half a kilo of rice vinegar. Wipe the seed three times a day after being soaked for two days. The effect is better. You can also apply a spoonful of orange peel powder and half a spoonful of sesame oil.
9. toothache:
Put peach kernels on the fire and then put them on the teeth to bite, so few times never toothache.
10. What should I do if my nose is bleeding:
When the nose is bleeding, the patient lie down and put the opposite hand of the nose eye high, The acupoint automatic sealing, blood can immediately stop.
11. fishbone canal throat:
Rinse the throat with vinegar, and swallow it slowly. Then, it can be cured several times.
12. tips:
One pound of rice vinegar, pour the vinegar into the basin, soak or soak, twice a day, each time about an hour, anti-inflammatory sterilization, can cure your feet, simple, effective and fast, light four days to cure.
13. Post-illness deafness and tinnitus:
Garlic-flavored nose cat urine. The cat's urine drops the ear three times and two drops can cure the deafness after the disease. Tinnitus can bake the snake skin into gray, blow into the ear, and even blow three times to cure tinnitus.
14. New methods for controlling diabetes:
A kilo of fresh corn. Add a proper amount of water to boil, until the corn blossom after four times, drink a bowl every day, this side can not go to the root, can only control the disease. Can reduce blood sugar. Patients with increased floating swelling and urine volume can take the medicine very well.
15. Snoring during sleep:
When sleeping, the mouth contains a piece of Orange Peel. After 15 minutes, the mouth is spit out three to five times to cure the problem.
16. Smelly feet and sweaty feet:
The white site study into fine, brush your palm 10 minutes 3-4 times after the feet no longer sweat. It can be maintained for seven or eight months.
17. Epilepsy ):
One by one, and half a two in a bowl of white water. One bowl of morning and an empty stomach, drink for ten days.
18. Oral inflammation:
Eat one pear every morning and evening, swallow slowly, maintain 3-4 days, immediately improve. You can also use this method to treat patients with severe illness.
19. Coronary Heart Disease:
50 grams of soy beans, boiled and add salt to eat more than 3-4 days, this side of the control of coronary heart disease does not develop, especially ideal, and then use this side after the disease.
20. Tips for treating migraine:
The white radish skin is pasted on the temples on both sides. Every night, it is pasted for 20 minutes. It can be quick-acting, and you don't need to post it again if you don't have a headache.
21. Hemorrhoids remedies:
Urea three or two in the basin boiled water rushed open the towel into the wet after unscrewed and put on the stool Teng. One time, ten minutes, three times a day, and seven days. It can cure Internal and External hemorrhoids and remove anus from the blood in the stool.
22. Rapid milk push:
Stir-fried sesame seeds, add a little salt, it is best to start eating 10 days before production, meals as a complementary food, can quickly increase milk, eat more milk Faster.
23. Tips for Treating Insomnia:
Place the scallions in a small dish, put the small disk on the side of the pillow before going to bed, you can safely fall asleep, for a few days can cure, all the year round can not sleep, frontier treatment 5 days can go to the root.
24. Heart disease:
Each day, 50 grams of pineapple is eaten in the morning and evening, and the best effect is 5-7 days. It will not be affected for about 2 years. After the illness, you can continue to eat it again. If you are seriously ill, you can take twice a day to stabilize your illness.
25. What should I do if my eyesight is impaired:
Dried apricots are shredded and made into a small pillow, which can be eye-catching. Impaired vision. Seeing the wind and tears, myopia and farsighted have certain curative effects.
26. Split hands and feet:
Medicinal rheumatism paste in the affected area, one day after the removal can grow hundreds of hair.
27. dermatitis tips:
Rubs the melon leaves until the affected area is red. It can be rubbed three times every seven days. In serious cases, it can be cured after six times.
28. rhinitis:
Put a drop of fragrant oil on the cotton balls in the nose for 15 minutes and then take them out for two or three consecutive days, three times a day. In serious cases, use two more times. You can also use garlic vinegar to insert it into your nose.
29. Hypertension:
Make a bowl of kelp soup. Do not put the vegetables in it. Drink it on an empty stomach in the morning and take the sofa for 10 days. kelp can quickly restore blood pressure to normal.
30. Kidney Deficiency:
100 grams of fresh beans, boiled with water and a little salt, each meal before taking 3-5 days to restore health, such as regular eating strong health effect is the best.
31. Face spotting method:
Apricot will be peeled after blisters, mashed as mud, add an egg evenly, before going to bed every night, the next morning with liquor washed away until the spots return.
32. Civil Law on gastrology:
Take the red-skin Egg and put it on a tile and bake it into a thin slice with fire, take it with sugar water, take a small spoon before drinking, twice a day, until the end of the service, this is very precious, at the same time, calcium supplementation and cartilage disease have good curative effect.
33. Severe injuries:
It takes a few hours to paste the leek in his urine and put it in the injury area to reduce swelling. After three days, the system will return to normal.
34. Fast weight loss:
Go to the state-owned tea house to buy two Oolong teas. drinking Oolong tea for one week can rapidly melt fat and promote fat metabolism, achieve weight loss, and prevent obesity. (Tea thick)
35. Longevity secrets:
Regular exercise, not angry, don't worry, keep eating more sugar Garlic every year, sugar garlic is the best medicine to prolong life, it can kill a variety of harmful bacteria in the body.
36. Irregular Menstruation:
To the country to take the two sub-leaves, with hot water after drinking light four cups can be, heavy people drink more for a few days, it can quickly adjust the effect of Shen, do not often have special effects on dysmenorrhea cold menstrual period.
37. White head:
Use 500 grams of Fan shells (scallops) to fry and wash your hair. Wash your hair 6-8 times a day to make the hair grow black and thick. For example, you can wash your hair several times.
38. skin softening:
Wipe your face with a egg each night and wash your face with water an hour later. If you can wipe it frequently, your skin becomes tender.
39. Shoulder inflammation, waist and leg pain, sciae, and waist detachment:
Bake the seven dikes of Earth and yellow wine into gray, put them in a bottle for seven days and seven nights, and drink seven yuan of yellow wine at seven o'clock every night, and use your fist to play the affected area 7, 7, 4, and 9, the serious person can take more than a few courses of treatment to recover.
40. Tuberculosis remedies:
500 grams of active cocoon is baked by fire to produce fine results. Each time 3-5 grams are used twice a day, the effect is very good until the service is completed. This is provided by the Chinese Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
41. arthritis pain control method:
Burn grain grass into ash, put into a small bag, which is painful to paste, paste for an hour every night, paste three times to cure. This method is simple. The effect is good, and the waist and leg pain is obviously improved.
42. underarm body odor:
100 grams of rice vinegar and 5 grams of fennel powder. The body odor disappears several times after being wiped.
43. What should I do with itching:
Take a piece of ginger and cut your feet. Wipe the left and right of the male and wipe the right for 10 minutes at a time.
44. bone hyperplasia:
Four lambs and four lambs, burned with firewood into yellow and then mashed into a face. After dinner every day, use one or two yellow rice wine to serve, used for several times.
45. Swallowed metal hard objects by mistake:
Stir-fry the leek and take a big mouthful to get it out. Fragment glass slices can also be used after the belly is eaten.
46. hand and foot numbness:
Soaked 120 grams of black fungus, peach kernels, Honey each, a total of such as mud, hot steam in the bowl, 4 days after eating will never be numb, pregnant women disabled.
47. Hair loss and scalp scalping:
Wash the Chinese Cabbage roots with mud and slice, put it in the pot, and boil for a long time, and then wash the hair with vinegar, and wash the hair for seven or eight days. This will make the hair smooth, bright, and the scalp will soon disappear. The hair cannot be dropped.
48, how to cure the nail:
La s the purple-skin garlic like mud, and add a little white alum to the gray nails. Do not wipe it too thick. Seal the nails with a plastic cloth. Plastic cloth transparent closed effect only seven or eight days, feel the rise is good.
49. How to kill the artid:
Pumpkin Seeds (shelled and preserved kernels) 50-pieces of crushed water sugar mix the right amount into a paste, can be taken once on an empty stomach, this can beat a variety of children's diseases and insects.
50, how to cure Mastitis:
A small piece of cactus ground with three drops of sesame oil.
51. How to cure chicken eyes:
Use a piece of tape to cut a small eye in the middle, paste the chicken eye, the small eye appears a chicken eye, then spread a little urea surface (fertilizer) and then press it with a piece of tape, three days for once, for six times, the chicken eyes are self-eliminated.
52. Prostatitis:
Three dried dates, three brokers in the liver, stew with fire, drink soup, and drink three times.
53. rheumatoid diseases:
Use fresh mulberry branches, how much can be, chopped, stir-fried yellow with a pot of wine, boil water eye with water, each morning and evening served a cup, effective even servers.

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