[58] FAQ 6 of 11 common test techniques: To what extent do functional test cases need to be detailed?

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This is also a frequently asked question by test engineers. Some people advocate that the test case should be detailed to everything executed in each step, so that a newbie who does not know the system can execute the work according to the test case. Those who advocate such writing can also give an example: Software Outsourcing documents such as Europe, America, and Japan are all done in this way.

Another idea is to make the statement more rough, similar to writing a test outline. The reason for this is that the management of software development requirements is not standardized and changes are very frequent. Therefore, testing cases cannot be compiled according to European and American high standards. Such test cases are easy to maintain, allowing the test execution personnel to take full advantage of them.

In fact, the details of software test cases must first cover the test points as the basic requirements. For example, the test case of "User Login System" can write no specific execution data, but at least five or more cases () must be written (), if this function is overwritten in only one sentence, it is an unqualified test case. The coverage function is not to list the function points, but to write all aspects of the Function Points (if there are many combinations, you can use the equivalent Division ).

Another one that affects test cases is the Organization's development capabilities and characteristics of test objects. If development forces lag behind, it is unrealistic to compile detailed test cases because there is not much resource investment at all. Of course, this situation will gradually improve with the development of the team. The focus of the test object is on the progress and cost requirements of the test object. If the progress is tight, there is no time to write high-quality test cases, in some cases, testing is only a helper, so you do not need to write test cases.

Therefore, the compilation of test cases depends on the characteristics of the test objects and the team's execution ability. Finally, we should note that testers must not complain and strive to continuously improve their own capabilities while continuously improving the test case writing level.

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