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What about the 58-speed shipment?

58 Fast Shipping is currently the most popular, the largest O2O City freight service brand. Download app can call your professional freight driver, moving master, 2 minutes in response to orders, 15 minutes fast door-to-door, only 33 yuan.

With tens of thousands of teachers covering the national core city, mobile phone under the single 2 minutes of rapid response, drivers on average 15 minutes to reach the designated location.

Join hands with China Ping An insurance to provide you with 20 million yuan of goods payment guarantee plan, let your freight worry-free.

The provision of vans, Gold Cup car, van, Iveco and other models for your choice, just 33 yuan.

All teachers undergo rigorous assessment, professional training, certification, each order has customer service throughout the follow-up.

Take the same city freight services as an example, although at present there are at least 20 020 freight forwarding companies nationwide. And the recent emergence of 58 home, let the industry see some 020 standardization of services, the possibility of large-scale. For example, 58 home launched the same city freight brand 58 home, to move, freight as the starting point, to achieve based on user position orders, service door-to-door, online payments and reviews of the O2O area of the entire closed-loop freight service flow. Launch of "58 home fast" Freight software, using LBS technology to achieve accurate location services, shippers in the client app online delivery of goods transport needs, the system to send a list of the nearest, near the freight driver through 58 home to the driver end of the order to receive orders after the online robbery list.

In addition, 58 arrived in January 2015 with China Ping An insurance signed a strategic cooperation agreement, for the user's goods transport safety, the provision of cargo insurance, and the service process for each truck driver to provide personal accident insurance. This agreement gives consumers and service providers both a guarantee and a strong reassurance to shippers. In addition to cooperation with the Third-party agencies, 58 of the speed of the home also developed a public and transparent fee standards, and through the background strictly control the transport process, real-time to give users the greatest support.

If the above measures are through the external force to give users the security of the experience, then, 58 home to the speed of the staff service quality of the control, is focused on the tamping of the professional skills of the service, for the O2O fast delivery service to provide the most basic protection. Reasonable incentive system, but also can inspire the enthusiasm of the service, for them to bring more benefits, but also for consumers to bring a satisfactory quality experience.

How to join the 58-speed shipment

1. First Contact customer service registration, know which day can arrange training (4008909076)
2. The original with various documents to reach the training point
3. Fill in the deposit (500), and then take the clothes, the charger, the bracket to leave the form, the lecture, the examination, the examination
4. If the training day has been done good business card, the next day the basic opening of the driver's account (account number of mobile phone, password ID 6), no card, need to do cards and then card number to customer service.

Hardware conditions:
1. Self-carrying vehicle, driving license, driving permit
2. China Merchants Bank card
3. Deposit 500 (Guangzhou, other cities do not know, can return)

58 How to sign up for a quick driver

1. Download installation, online registration
2. Waiting for registration data to be audited
3. After the approval of the login and grab the list
4. Receive orders and contact customers
5. Complete the order and charge

58 quick to get home to grab a single tip tips

Open 58-speed

On order radio, click Grab list

Patiently wait You can grab the

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