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We all have this feeling, once used a certain product, you will feel your hands of similar products slag through. For example, wearing expensive headphones, you can no longer tolerate the earpod of Apple. Once you've used a BlackBerry, you never want to use a T9 keyboard to send text messages. I never want to go back to open an Austrian extension. There are a number of similar examples: the first time with a capacitive touch screen mobile phone, from dial-up Internet to broadband, from the SD TV to 1080p High-definition TV ...

With Apple's new 5K Retina screen imac, even if it's only 10 minutes, you'll feel the same way: you can no longer go back to that pixel coarse, video playback frame, copy files to wait for the half world.

17988 yuan for sale, the Apple's newest desktop computer is for photographers, cameramen or people who want their computers to look different. As Apple focuses on laptops and tablets, its desktop series is a professional product and a very powerful machine. The imac on the Retina screen is a monster in a consumer desktop computer.

No change in appearance

The imac on the appearance of the retina screen is the same as in the previous generation, the aluminum frame of the screen is thin to 5 mm, and the parts that make the machine run are placed in the back of the bulge. The new imac has 2 Thunderbolt 2 ports, 4 USB 3.0 ports, a SDXC card slot, a headset interface, a Gigabit Ethernet interface, all of which are on the right side of the imac's back. As an integrated machine, it uses a cable to provide power energy, wiring harness can be worn to the base of the circular hole, the overall layout and design is very concise.

The new imac has a weight of 9.54 kg, a base depth of 20.3 cm, and a 27-inch version of the front.

The focus of the imac on the Retina screen of course on this display, the trial feel can be said to be very stunning, 5120 x 2880 pixel resolution, that is, 14.7 million pixels, is 15 inch Retina screen MacBook Pro nearly three times times, is Moto 360 smart watch screen 150 times times.

The new imac's default resolution is 2560 x 1440, which, like the previous version, uses the concept of "point" to compute the resolution to determine the display effect. The "dot" represents the physical distance, so at the default resolution, you see the same size as the previous non-retinal version of the imac. The difference is that a non-retina version of a pixel corresponds to a point, the retina version is a group of four pixels, output the original screen of a pixel size area of the image, so the details of the original four times times, the image sharper clear and smooth. So even with the same resolution, the text reading of the retina version of the imac is great, and the effect is not what you would have experienced in the previous imac. Part of the game, also in the same settings and resolution, "Biochemical surprise: Unlimited" to be more clear, more pixels make everything look the same, or even better.

What's this high resolution for?

Of course, in order to make full use of 14.7 million pixels, you can adjust the resolution of the new imac to 5120 x 2880, giving people the feeling that everything is getting smaller and you can cram more stuff into the screen. This means that you can edit the 4K video with a point-to-point actual resolution, and there is still room to place the editing toolbar. You can see the details when you are browsing the photos, no need to shrink the photos, or drag and drop to see the actual size of the photos.

But the problem now is that ordinary users have little chance to use 5K resolutions, and they rarely edit such high-resolution videos, but only use the imac as a home computer, play games, browse websites, watch videos, and so on. Although its display color is gorgeous, fine, visual angle is also very large, can be said to be the best computer monitors today, but now support 5K resolution of the site or game is almost no, so if you see the new Mac as a TV, it's very good, but if you sit close to the computer, You will find that there is too little content to match this resolution.

 Can't do a second monitor

One thing you should be aware of is that you can't use the new imac as a second computer monitor, you need very strong performance to take advantage of 14.7 million pixels, and other computers simply can't. Dell has a 5K display, which is similar to the imac and is only a simple display, but can be used as a second monitor.

This evaluation of the imac for Ding, specifically configured for the 4.0GHz four core Intel Core i7 processor, AMD Radeon R9 m295x 4GB GDDR5 graphics, 32GB 1600MHz DDR3 memory, 1TB Flash, Apple's official website price reached 32116 yuan people Min-Yen. This amazing performance, video editing and gaming more than enough, open no more pages also do not card.

But even then, seamless editing in premiere, playing 60-frame fantastic games, and even a quick pull on the scroll bar in a Safari browser, occasionally Kaka, when loading some programs will make you obviously feel the time to wait, of course, these are software optimization problems, But it's clear that ordinary users will need to wait a while to get the most out of it.

  Buy the basic money to consider

For photographers and cameramen, this product is a great help to their work and is therefore worth buying. The only problem is what price to buy the product, the basic price of 17988 yuan, with 3.5GHz Core i5 processor, 8G memory, 1TB Fusion hard disk and AMD Radeon R9 m290x 2GB GDDR5 graphics card. It should be noted that in addition to memory, there is no way to upgrade the other. You'd better go to the Apple Store to try the 4K playback of the basic section before buying.

Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive, made it clear at the press conference that the new imac with the retina was designed for video workers, so it was important to hear their views. The director of the Verge video team, John Lagomarsino, after using Ding's new imac, said that when editing 1080p video with Adobe Premiere, the speed of the commands was very quick and the feedback from each command was very immediate, which should have been the credit of the 1TB flash drive. What impressed him most was the flip-play function of premiere, which, on other Macs, including the retina-screen MacBook Pro, would be a little bit more than a little cotton on the new imac, but not at all. The output of 5K video clips through premiere is stunning.

In addition, ultra high resolution display can put down the extra toolbars and timeline, which is very useful in editing. After Effects is also very fast, and the imac is very quiet, even when the processor is full load, can not hear the sound of the fan, heat is not.

Finally, Lagomarsino said he would like to try the basic video performance, although Ding performance is very good, but for professional video editors, there is Mac Pro in hand, the performance of the imac has not been shocked. A question mark is asked if the configuration reduces the attractiveness of the 5K display.

 Final conclusion

In general, the imac takes longer to serve than a typical computer. So if you can afford it, you should definitely buy a new imac with a retina version. There is no doubt that the retina screen will be the future of the imac, the next matching software and games will be more and more.

But the retina's screen is great, but the new imac's configuration is less bright, especially the basic section. So if you're just a regular surfer, watch the video and you can do it now. If there is more demand and the proposal is to wait another year, then Apple will know better how to use the display, especially given Intel's future release of the Broadwell architecture processor, and imagine the effect of using the imac.

Finally, for those who don't want to buy a 5K version of the imac, it's best not to look, not to try, because once you do, you'll find yourself wanting to go back to the past.

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