5M Hong Kong International Bandwidth hosting Server How much is the price of a year? which computer room hosting the most professional

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Server hosting important one maintenance, to know the cost of the server hosting a year, we need to understand what the hosting server maintenance and which factors are related
, these factors are important factors that affect server hosting costs:
Server specification Size: Generally have 1u,2u,4u such, the larger the specification, the higher the cost of hosting.
Server power consumption: CPU several hard disks several pieces of memory how many models are what these all result in different power consumption.

Server-Managed lines: There are single-line, dual-line and BGP lines, and so on, the price is from low to high arrangement.

Server-Managed Bandwidth: the higher the bandwidth requirement, the higher the cost.

IP address: Generally managed to have a free address to send, but if you need more IP address, you need to pay more money!

Telecommunications room Because of the speed is relatively stable, the price is relatively high. Generally depending on the specifications, server-managed lines and server-managed bandwidth, IP addresses, etc.
Factors ranging in price range from thousands of to tens of thousands.
Jia Yun Hu foretelling
Hong Kong Best Cloud data focus on Hong Kong and overseas cost-effective data center services and cloud services, customer demand as the center, customer satisfaction as the purpose, with the Hong Kong BGP machine
Room, multi-route, multi-backup, free record, unrestricted access, more thoughtful service.

5M Hong Kong International Bandwidth hosting Server How much is the price of a year? which computer room hosting the most professional

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