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First Login System

The CentOS default image interface is GNOME.

Linux by default will provide 6 terminal to allow users to log in, the switch mode is CTRL+ALT+[F1-F6], the system will be named the six operating interface Tty1-tty6.

You can use the ' startx ' command in the terminal interface if you want to start the window interface.

executing commands in command-line mode    Start execution Command

Command format: [-options] Parameter1 parameter2 ...

   operation of the underlying command

Display date and time: Date

Show Calendar: Cal

Display calculator: BC

   Important Hotkeys

TAB key

With command completion and file complement function.

Command completion: such as input: CA [tab] [tab], will be all the instructions to start with the CA display, as follows;


[[Email protected] ~]# CA [tab] [Tab]cacertdir_rehash     CA-legacy            Captoinfocache_check          Calibrate_ppa        Caribou-preferencescache_dump           caller               caseCache_metadata_ Size  Canberra-boot        catcache_repair         Canberra-gtk-play    Catchsegvcache_restore        Cancel               Catmancairo-sphinx         cancel.cups          Cal                  Capsh                 ~]# CA

File completion: For example input: Ls-al ~/.bash [tab] [tab], as follows:

ls -al ~/. Bash [tab] [Tab].bash_history  . Bash_logout   . Bash_profile  . BASHRC          LS -al ~/.bash

CTRL + C keys

Stops the current program.

online Help for man page and info page    Mans Page

Input: Man date, shown as follows:


DATE (1) User Commands DATE (1) NAMEDate-Print or set the systemDateand TimeSynopsisDate[OPTION] ... [+FORMAT]Date[-u|--utc|--Universal] [MMDDHHMM[[CC]YY][.SS]] DESCRIPTION Display The current Time inchThe given FORMAT, or set the systemDate. Mandatory arguments toLongOptions are mandatory for  Shortoptions too. -D,--Date=STRING Display TimeDescribed by STRING, not' Now'-F,--file=Datefile like--DateOnce forEach line of Datefile-i[timespec],--iso-8601[=Timespec] OutputDate/ Time inchIso8601Format. Timespec='Date'   for  Date...... Omitted after

The 1 in DATE (1) represents a command that can be used by a general user. Several commonly used numbers are as follows:

1: Commands or executables that a user can manipulate in a shell environment

5: Configuration file or format of some files

8: Administrative commands available to system administrators

After entering the command information page, you can do something with the following keys:

Space: down one page

Page DOWN: Flip one page

Page UP: Turn up one page

Home: Back to the first page

End: Back to the last page

/string: Find string down

? String: Find string up

N,n: Using the above two lookup string directives, you can use N to continue with the next query, N to continue with the previous query.

Q: End this man page.

   Info Page

Similar to the use of the man instruction, the display method is different.

the correct method of shutting down the machine    You can check the computer status before shutting down the machine

Who: View current online users

Netstat-a: Online Status of the network

Ps-aux: Viewing programs executed in the background

   notifies the user of the shutdown time

Shutdown command

   data synchronously written to disk: Sync

To speed up data reading, a lot of data is placed in memory and should be synchronized to disk before shutting down to perform sync instructions. The Shutdown/reboot/halt command performs a call to sync before shutting down the machine.

Customary shutdown command: shutdown

Restart, shutdown: Reboot,halt,poweroff

   Toggle Execution Level: init

0: Turn off the machine

3: pure command line mode

5: Graphical interface mode included

6: Restart


1 D Digital DDDDDD

5th first login and online Help man page

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