6 easy-to-use pc+android sync GTD software

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6 easy-to-use pc+android sync GTD software

Recently the mouse work enthusiasm is relatively high (in fact, only if the desire to buy a tablet is encouraging the drive), so a lot of tasks every day, in order to not chaos, it is unavoidable to use the GTD (Go to do) software to manage their own tasks. Every night to set out the task of tomorrow, the next day a tick to eliminate, is also a joy. @Appinn

But when the mouse has finished the plan, lying in bed ready to rest ...

The occasional burst of inspiration leads to the task of continuing to add to the GTD list, which is a bit of a hassle, so it is necessary to manage the GTD between the phone and the computer. The mouse then tidied up the following software:


Mouse view: A typical chatty. Can be project management (my definition of GTD to do project management is can have sub-tasks, the same below), there are various functions of the box. It takes a little bit of time to fully master, and of course you can just add it quickly and use it as a general memo without thinking about the box.

Advantages: Domestic software, full platform support (only web-side under Windows)

Cons: Free version limit synchronization, 24 hours can only sync once, obviously not enough.

2.any.do(with Chinese)

Mouse view: Typical small and beautiful. A design paradigm for mobile applications. Especially mobile phone, the combination of various aspects of mobile phone is very good.

Advantages: Beautiful, very good experience

Disadvantage: Mobile phone software volume is slightly larger, foreign software, computer-side only Chrome extensions available, do not support subtasks.


Mouse view: In fact, this is a notebook software, but his GTD function is also very good, support project management, the interface is beautiful.

Advantages: Easy to record inspiration, and memo management. The interface is good.

Disadvantage: Foreign software, web site open difficult.

4.Do It tomorrow(with Chinese)

Mouse view: Spread out the Notepad style, handwriting font (Chinese invalid), there is a corner of coffee stains, very fresh and elegant interface. A look will use the operation, simple, comfortable.

Advantages: Beautiful, refreshing, comfortable

Disadvantage: Foreign software, web site open difficult.


Mouse view: Design is very unique, gorgeous interface, full platform client.

Advantages: Beautiful, full platform

Disadvantage: foreign sites, open relatively slow (with the client should be better).

6.EasyDo (McCoo Memo) (Chinese)

Mouse point of view: beautiful, but mobile phone use feel slightly worse, the computer can not remember users, every day to log on.

Advantages: Beautiful, convenient, domestic website, fast, with a grand pass can be, no additional registration

Cons: Poor usage experience.

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6 easy-to-use pc+android sync GTD software

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