6-floor Sheet

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6-floor Sheet

It is not easy for programmers xdjm to buy a house. It has been laid by a developer or a second-hand house, and cannot be swallowed up by an installer, a building material dealer, a furniture dealer, or a soft contractor. We need to arm ourselves with knowledge and fight together with js to the end. Let's take a look at the fence home decoration series compiled by Leng Shan. PDF: http://download.csdn.net/source/1726999

Quiet Decoration: http://blog.csdn.net/magus_yang/category/826768.aspx

6.1. Purchase of three-layer solid wood composite flooring
Http://video.liba.com/detail.php? Id = 120 & Aid = 1: 1. Three-layer solid wood composite floor consists of a surface layer, a core layer and a back panel. 2. The surface layer is 3mm solid wood, so it looks more authentic. 3. The core layer of the floor is generally more than 7mm, and it uses poplar trees, pine trees, and other soft trees. It has good elasticity and Foot feeling. 4. The backboard is usually made of poplar, pine, birch, eucalyptus, and other wood. It is formed by overlapping the surface layer and core layer like a network, and the deformation of the floor is controlled by the interaction between them. 5. Whether wet or dry, solid wood composite flooring is relatively stable. 6. It is suitable for floor heating. The stability of the Three-layer solid wood composite floor is related to its processing technology. 1. First, the layer-3 structure should balance the water content separately to increase the stability of the finished floor. 2. Then they are glued together by hot pressing to ensure that the finished floor is not layered. 3. The pressed Floor must balance the water content again to ensure the water content of the three-layer structure is consistent. 4. the surface of the floor has 9 layers of UV paint, improve the wear resistance of the floor; how to choose a good three layer solid wood Composite Floor: 1. the thickness of the surface layer cannot be less than 2.5mm, and do not select hard wood types such as Rosewood, wire, and iron. Choose wood types with good stability and toughness, such as oak, Inca wood, and teak; 2. good three-layer solid wood flooring with environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive to glue; 3. the three-layer solid wood composite floor has high technical requirements and requires a lot of equipment and liquidity, so try to choose a reputable big brand; three-layer solid wood Composite Floor installation and maintenance: very simple, it is mentioned in other tutorials. Quiet Decoration: http://blog.csdn.net/magus_yang/category/826768.aspx 6.2. "Buy Solid Wood Flooring"Http://video.liba.com/detail.php? Id = 37 & Aid = 1 type of solid wood flooring: 1. high-grade: Gem mulberry, teak, Peach Blossom Wood, fragrant fat wooden beans; 2. mid-range: ant wood, iron Sumu, two-wing beans, disc beans, dual-leaf Sumu, fiber skin corui; 3. economic type: longnaoxiang, garlic and wood fruit, eggplant, campea, iron camphor wood; good stability (not afraid of High Temperature sun, cold weathering, wet environment; according to the climate in Shanghai, the first choice should be: Wear-resistant, moisture-proof, good drying performance, small deformation coefficient, and insect-proof floor. For example, teak, wire, ant wood, and eggplant wood; how to choose? Look at color: light color floor suitable for modern minimalist style home, such as maple; deep color suitable for traditional classical style; look at material: Floor moisture to 8% ~ 12% is recommended. The southern area should be controlled within 14%; otherwise, it is easy to deform; compared with wide boards, narrow boards are not easy to deform; view the paint surface: check whether the paint film on the floor is even, full, smooth, with or without paint leaks, bubbles, and holes. Look at the processing accuracy: Take 10 floors on the ground to simulate the pavement, use the hand touch and visual method to observe whether the stitching is smooth, smooth, or appropriate. In addition, note: solid wood floor surface is a bit of live knots, color difference is normal; solid wood floor before installation must be placed in the room for a period of time (split the packaging stack placed), to a week is appropriate; PS: india plus wood or TV ?? Quiet Decoration: http://blog.csdn.net/magus_yang/category/826768.aspx 6.3. "Buy laminate flooring"Http://video.liba.com/detail.php? Id = 34 & Aid = 1 features of laminate flooring: 1. strong stability; 2. wear resistance; 3. easy paving; 4. there is no need for polishing, painting, waxing, and maintenance. The floor structure is divided into four layers: the bottom layer is a moisture-protected layer, which plays a balance role; the base layer is the main part of the floor, the higher the density, the better the quality; the decorative layer has the characteristics of wear resistance, water resistance, UV protection, and non-fading. The wear resistance layer is a layer of wear resistance agent uniformly pressed on the surface of the reinforced floor. How to choose a good reinforced floor? Two Methods: Try whether there is wear-resistant layer, good reinforced floor with ordinary woodworking sandpaper, friction tens of times will not wear white. Look at the splicing effect, the good laminate floor can be spliced in good condition with a little effort. If the slot is too tight, the splicing will be too tight, and the waterproof adhesive will not be able to form a protective film on the MDF surface. Water is easy to penetrate into the seams. After a long time, the floor will definitely expand and deform; after the fight, observe the floor gap size, height difference, straight angle, interface pattern, if the difference is too obvious, it indicates that the floor quality is wrong. When purchasing a reinforced floor, you can smell the irritating smell to determine whether the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard. Auxiliary materials must also be environmentally friendly. The key to the purchased laminate flooring is wear resistance and easy installation. Quiet Decoration: http://blog.csdn.net/magus_yang/category/826768.aspx 6.4. Installation of composite flooringHttp://video.liba.com/detail.php? Id = 49 & Aid = 1 FAQ about Composite Floor installation: 1. deformation of the floor. The floor is not suitable for the indoor environment, the ground is not dry, and no moisture pad or the quality of the moisture pad is unqualified. 2. arch, because there is no fixed point in the middle of the composite floor, a wide area of the ground to the end, the overall arch. If no seams are left during installation, arch may occur. 3. drums, upturns, and uneven floors; precautions for installation of composite floors: 1. delivery is required 24 hours in advance to adapt the floor to the room temperature and humidity; 2. ensure that the indoor ground is smooth and clean, and there are no particles, dust, and uneven. In case of a space gap of 2 cm, the leveling is required. The wall should also be straight to avoid obvious seams on the skirting line. 3. Make sure that the ground is dry and flat before laying the Moisture protection layer (Moisture Protection pad. Geothermal floor, must use geothermal dedicated ground; 4. Leave 8 ~ between the floor and the wall ~ 10mm clearance to prevent moisture expansion. 5. Each room has its own forum, and the doors of different rooms are opened with metal buckles. If the room area is large, every eight to ten meters, to ease the effect of hot expansion and contraction; 6. the floor should be slightly higher than the kitchen and bathroom floor to avoid deformation due to moisture. 7. drill holes on the wall before installing the skirting line. The distance between nails should not exceed half a meter. Otherwise, the skirting line may be unreliable. After the final paving, let the floor dry for more than 24 hours, so that the glue is dry. At the same time, the ventilated flavor is scattered. Do not trample, or put heavy objects in the above; quiet Decoration: http://blog.csdn.net/magus_yang/category/826768.aspx 6.5. Solid wood floor InstallationHttp://video.liba.com/detail.php? Id = 38 & Aid = 1 Common Problems of solid wood flooring: formaldehyde exceeded, empty drum, arch, cracking, deformation, etc. The installation is improper; 1. formaldehyde exceeds the standard, most of which is due to the absence of accessories and the use of quality assurance formal products; 2. empty drum, because the installation is not cleaned or dry before the ground, the floor and keel are suspended, resulting in a sound after the foot. Or because the keel has no floor nails (not ordinary nails) fixed, or the dingtalk force is insufficient, resulting in loose; 3. Arch, because the keel is not moisture-proof, the humidity is too high, the qualified moisture content should be around 12%. Or there is not enough space for floor scaling. 4. there are three reasons for cracking: insufficient keel density, too thick moisture pad, and high floor water content; 5. the reason for deformation is that no ventilation preparation is made before installation. The packing should be removed first, so that the floor can be dry for a few days in a ventilated environment. Precautions for installation of solid wood flooring: 1. the ground is dry and flat during installation; 2. keel and liner should be dried; 3. it is necessary to lay a moisture-proof MAT; 4. reserve enough expansion joints between the floor and the wall base and at the door; 5. do not use water-soluble adhesive to avoid expansion and deformation of the floor; 6. the keel cannot be fixed with cement. 7. do a Good Job of protection and ventilation after installation; 8. keep the floor dry, clean, wax regularly; 9. prevents heavy, sharp, and hard objects from impacting the floor; 10. prevent exposure or soaking the floor;


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