(6) How to operate an Excel file with Apache POI-----Another bug related to POI-3.10 and annotations (comment)

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If POI-3.10 inserts data into a worksheet (sheet), you need to be aware that it has a bug that is not easily discoverable. When the cell inside the inserted worksheet (sheet) does not contain any annotations (comment), inserting a row of data will not have any problems. However, if the cell inside the inserted worksheet (sheet) contains any annotations (comment), the file is broken when a row of data is inserted. When the program finishes executing, if you open the Excel file of the inserted data, we will find that it will pop up the following dialog box.

The program code is as follows

Package Com.tibco.poi.xssf;import Java.io.file;import Java.io.fileinputstream;import java.io.FileNotFoundException ; Import Java.io.fileoutputstream;import Java.io.ioexception;import Org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.xssfcell;import Org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.xssfrow;import Org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.xssfsheet;import Org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.xssfworkbook;public class Creatrowtest {//The current file already exists private String Excelpath = "d:\\ Exceltest\\comments.xlsx ";//Insert in the first few lines private int insertstartpointer = 3;//Insert this row of data in the worksheet of the current workbook private String SheetName = "Sheet1";/** * Total ingress method */public static void Main (string[] args) {creatrowtest crt = new Creatrowtest (); crt.inse Rtrows ();} /** * Entry method for inserting a new row of data into an existing Excel file */public void InsertRows () {Xssfworkbook wb = Returnworkbookgivenfilehandle (); Xssfsheet Sheet1 = Wb.getsheet (sheetname);    Xssfrow row = CreateRow (Sheet1, Insertstartpointer); Createcell (row); Saveexcel (WB);} /** * Save Workbook * @param wb */private void Saveexcel (Xssfworkbook wb) {FileOutputStream fileout;try {fileout = new FileOutputStream (Excelpath); Wb.write (fileout); Fileout.close ();} catch (    FileNotFoundException e) {e.printstacktrace ();} catch (IOException e) {e.printstacktrace ()}} /** * Create rows to be in and out of cells * @param row * @return */private Xssfcell Createcell (xssfrow row) {Xssfcell cell = row.c Reatecell ((short) 0); Cell.setcellvalue (999999); Row.createcell (1). Setcellvalue (1.2); Row.createcell (2).   Setcellvalue ("This is a string cell"); return cell;} /** * Get the POI object of an existing workbook * @return */private xssfworkbook returnworkbookgivenfilehandle () {Xssfworkbook WB = null;f Ileinputstream FIS = null; File F = new file (Excelpath), try {if (f! = null) {FIS = new FileInputStream (f); wb = new Xssfworkbook (FIS);}} catch (Except Ion e) {return null;} finally {if (FIS! = null) {try {fis.close ();} catch (IOException e) {e.printstacktrace ()}}}   return WB;} /** * Find the number of rows to insert and create a new POI Row Object * @param sheet * @param rowIndex * @return */private xssfrow createrow (XSSFS HSheet, Integer rowIndex) {xssfrow row = null;if (Sheet.getrow (rowIndex)! = null) {int lastrowno = Sheet.getlastrownum ( ); Sheet.shiftrows (RowIndex, Lastrowno, 1);} row = Sheet.createrow (rowIndex); return row;}}

However, it is gratifying that this bug has been resolved in the POI-3.12 version.

(6) How to operate an Excel file with Apache POI-----Another bug related to POI-3.10 and annotations (comment)

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