6 tips to make your photos more interesting

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(a) Add an interesting point

Many friends also like to take pictures of scenery, especially at the beginning of the students to learn photography, because the landscape does not like people or animals walking or need to communicate, so learning to feel easier, but the most beautiful scenery to shoot more, but also have the opportunity to become boring, then may wish to think about how to add a " Interesting point ", so that the photos have more changes, but also easier to have a focus of observation. But choose the "interesting point" to remember to choose something meaningful or related, and this interesting point can be used as a foreground to foil the picture, very useful!


Add a prominent yellow sign in the photo, richer than just the blue sky and white clouds behind the shooting

(ii) Join your own

The shooting is lonely, as the photographer holding the camera is mostly for people or other scenery to take pictures, the next time to travel or see the interesting picture can consider to join yourself! In addition to the construction of the picture to ask someone to press the shutter for you, using a tripod + camera countdown is actually a good way. Be aware that the focus should fall on yourself or on the same plane (distance) as a nearby stone or railing, so that you can stand in the position you want to shoot.


Even the beautiful Aurora, plus yourself will make the photo more interesting ah!

(iii) Use of size comparisons

Facing the magnificent scenery, how can let the reader feel? We can simply use the "size comparison", such as the cabin, bicycles, and even people to join the screen, so through the daily life will be seen in contrast to the scene environment, can bring out the magnificent scenery! In fact, this can be regarded as a match before the " Add the fun point "rule to use.


The small figure highlights the magnificent waterfall.

(iv) Conversion of another angle and focal length

Shoot landscape with wide angle, shoot characters with a telephoto ... These traditions certainly have their value and reason, but sometimes it takes an interesting effect to or add more changes to your photo collection, you must break these "rules", try the same scene, using different focal length of the lens to shoot, of course, you also need to understand the characteristics of various focal lengths, such as the wide-angle lens will be distorted, exaggerated space sense; Long Gioyo compression before and after the scene, increase the shallow depth of fields, etc., but as long as the careful thinking, you can use these features to take good photos!


The wide-angle lens brings out the exaggerated deformation effect.

On the other hand, different angles will have a great impact on the perception of the photo, so don't forget to try a high angle, a low angle, a different background and so on, many times you will be surprised that the photo suddenly becomes very interesting!


Use a different angle to shoot, can make the picture more interesting!

Finally, if you have a chance, try shooting with interesting fish glasses!

(v) Use of light and dark effects

Photography is the shooting of "Light and Shadow", if your photos are often evenly distributed in the light, it will easily become ordinary boring, in order to enhance the impact of the photo, you may wish to pay more attention to the light and shadow around, if you can take a good grasp of the lighting effect, usually can also make a more dramatic, more interesting picture!


Light and dark can add a dramatic effect to the photo plus bamboo.

(vi) Deliberate exposure or insufficient exposures

General beginner Photography Of course, students should learn to "correct exposure", to avoid the photo has been exposed or insufficient exposure, but in the grasp of exposure skills, in fact, sometimes deliberately make photos too exposed or too dark will make the feeling stronger, more can bring out the effect of expression! Exposure is often used for backlighting photos, but not enough to make a silhouette, Two kinds of photos can also be very beautiful and rich characteristics, students remember to try Ah!


Appropriate exposure can be taken out of beautiful backlight photos.


Photography is a very interesting art, and very personal, the same scene, as long as you like, how to make a picture of how it can! Of course, whether you can really make a picture of the effect of the efforts to improve photography skills, this is to continue to learn the reason! Fellow schoolmates Refuels!

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