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The user has six questions after receiving the message that they need to solve:

1. Do I have to open this email?

2. Do you want to display the picture in the message?

3. What is the promotional information in the mail?

4. Do i click on the URL in the email?

5. If the discount is not very strong, I still need to go to this site to see it?

6. I am not interested in this email and website, simply report them as spam?

Here are some tips to help users better address these issues:

1. The introduction of the message and the message header echoes, do not trickery, this is the practice of spam ...

2. Use the navigation bar in the mail to help users quickly access the site. If the user is not interested in the content of the email, maybe he likes the other content of your website?

3. Optimize the message content when the picture is not displayed. Even if the picture can't be displayed, it must let the user know the main content of the message clearly

4. Solve the problem in the first screen, do not expect users to read the mail carefully, for a limited time to get the recipient

5. Don't forget to unsubscribe button, lest user Rage report you as spam

Article Source: www.emailqunfa.com

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