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I have been engaged in software testing for six years without knowing it. I graduated from 2006 to an outsourcing company, outsourced to Microsoft for software testing, and now I have joined a famous foreign company. Six years have passed so fast. My long-term testing work also gave me a deep understanding of software testing. However, I am still a test engineer at the bottom layer, and my views are narrow. If you have any mistakes, please criticize and correct them.


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  1. Software testers should be at risk
  2. Testers should be more familiar with business needs than developers
  3. Learn how to get along with developers
  4. Testers should understand some basic programming
  5. Testers build a Development Environment
  6. Document Writing is the core competence of testers.
  7. Two days of cross-testing should be performed later in the test.
  8. Tester's bottleneck
  9. Automation as much as possible
  10. Automated Testing VS manual testing
  11. The technology used in automated testing is too far different from that used in development.
  12. The most depressing thing is that developers cannot understand how to discuss technology.
  13. Excellent testers are rare
  14. Most test managers have a development background.
  15. Software testing is really boring and requires a lot of effort
  16. English is a life-saving tool for testers
  17. UI automation testing, unit testing, and interface Testing


Software testers should be at risk

When the economy is poor and the company's performance is poor, the company may be laid off. First, the tester is selected. Because the technical level of testers is relatively low, it is easy to replace and recruit. Companies tend to take testers first.

As a tester, most of our daily work is relatively comfortable. But never warm-boiled frogs. We should constantly improve our programming skills, just like developers. In this way, new jobs can be quickly found even when laid.


Testers should be more familiar with business needs than developers

The tester's level is mainly reflected in the design of test cases. To design comprehensive and wide-coverage test cases, testers must be familiar with the business needs of the projects they are testing, or even more familiar than developers.

For testing banking systems, communications, or ERP software. These business knowledge is very useful and passionate to learn.

It is easy to be proficient in business needs.

1. Read the functional requirement documents carefully. Check with PM for any questions.

2. Treat yourself as an end user and often use the software you test. Simulate user behavior.

3. Every function of the familiarization software.


If you encounter some useless and tedious software, you really don't want to learn its business (the business that this company can no longer use)


Learn how to get along with developers

Testers must work closely with developers, so it is important to have a good relationship with developers.

1. become friends with developers.

Easy to understand

2. Do Not Disturb developers

When developers concentrate on writing code, do not disturb others. You need to concentrate on writing code. If you are disturbed, your thinking will be interrupted.

3. Focus on asking questions.

Summarize all the questions that need to be asked and concentrate on development, which can save a lot of time.

4. Writing bugs is not annoying to developers.

If a developer cannot reproduce a Bug, he will scold the tester. Therefore, the tester must write the Bug, and the description is accurate, concise, and unambiguous. The detailed and concise reproduction steps are added.


Testers should understand some basic programming

If your product is developed using C #, the tester should have C # introductory knowledge. If you want to test web programs, you should at least understand HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Jquery. Otherwise, you have tested web programs for a year or two and do not know how they are implemented, tragedy.

Only by understanding the code can you communicate with developers without being despised by developers.


Testers build a Development Environment

The product code is the best learning material. We cannot always perform tests after the developer's ass. We cannot always test this version after the developer builds a version, the tester does not know what code the check in has been developed. Occasionally, we should understand how the product code is designed and how the developers fix bugs. Maybe the programming level is high, and code review can be used for development.

Use the source code tool to check the product code out to the local machine. I often look at the code and often look at the Code submitted during bug fixing.


Document Writing is the core competence of testers.

I remember my previous test lead said that the reason why she can become lead is that she can write documents and send emails. The ability to summarize and summarize documents must be clear in logic. She is very good at analyzing dozens of pages of Spec and writing dozens of pages of test plans. She is also very good at collecting test reports. Complete, clear, and beautiful test reports are sent to each group every day, so that everyone in the company can see the work of the test group clearly.

Under her leadership, we have summarized many documents, such as "New hire checklist", "on boarding traning", and the documents used by the test tool.

After I wrote more blogs, I found that my ability to write documents has improved a lot.


Two days of cross-testing should be performed later in the test.

Cross-test refers to the project where two test engineers exchange each other for testing. This has many advantages.

1. It is helpful to identify bugs. The test engineers have been testing their own projects for a long time and are easy to form blind eyes. Some bugs will be invisible.

2. It is conducive to sharing knowledge and business, avoiding Staff Resignation and leave, resulting in unattended testing.

3. The test ideas are different, and many problems can be found between them.


Tester's bottleneck

After two or three years of manual testing, you can basically master most of the knowledge required for testing. If you do not climb to the test lead position, many people will feel the development bottleneck and repeat the test every day, if you cannot learn anything, you will soon lose your passion for testing.

Unable to learn anything, low technical level, is the biggest problem in testing this industry.

How can we break through the bottleneck? I don't know.


Automation as much as possible

One point is to take the time to automate your testing work as much as possible, which can save testing time, improve your technical level, and avoid repeated testing.


Automated Testing VS manual testing

Nowadays, many companies require more and more testing. Many good companies require more than five years of working experience in recruiting senior QA, mastering a programming language and rich experience in automated testing. Of course, automated testing is much better than manual testing.

Automation is a trend. Only people who perform manual tests will surely lose their competitiveness in the future.


The technology used in automated testing is too far different from that used in development.

In the past, many colleagues wanted to switch from test to development. Now, after several years, they have not yet switched to development. They originally wanted to use the technical accumulation of automated testing. Which one knows that the technologies used in automated testing are far different from those used in development.

Test to development? Hard

Learning coding and testing are the right way


The most depressing thing about testing is that developers cannot understand the technology they discuss.

Sometimes we have a meeting with developers and developers have a heated discussion at the meeting. As a tester, I basically don't understand what this group of developers are talking about. I didn't even say a word at many meetings.


Excellent testers are rare

It is not easy to do the test well. Excellent testers need a wide range of knowledge and good communication skills (not only must they deal with developers and project managers, also communicate with people in other groups ). Rich testing experience, great enthusiasm and patience for testing. Testers also need to have a wealth of business knowledge and write code.

If the code is well written, it will certainly not be tested, but developed.


Most test managers have a development background.

I found that several of my superiors switched from development to testing. They have several years of development experience and don't know why to switch to test Manager. They can develop, test, and provide technical support to their testers.


If a test Manager doesn't know anything about the technology, he can't hold his staff internally, and others in other groups will not miss you.


Software testing is really boring and requires a lot of effort

It is undeniable that testing requires a lot of effort, so Europe and the United States will outsource a large number of testing jobs to China, repeat tests over and over again, and continuously execute test cases, dark and dizzy hair.

I still remember that I have tested the upgrade of various versions of a program in Windows update. Install the old version of the program first, and then restart Windows update to see if there is any upgrade, and finally uninstall it. Then install and uninstall. The last test almost vomited blood.


English is a life-saving tool for testers

Technically, it is not as good as development. It has some advantages in English.

At the same technical level, testers with good English skills can join foreign companies, which is much higher than testers with poor English skills.


UI automation testing, unit testing, and interface Testing

Automated tests that can locate bugs are useful.

Automated UI testing is unstable, and it is difficult to analyze the test results. In addition, the UI is greatly changed. Therefore, we should try to do more automated tests at the underlying layer. For example, the UI and logic in ASP. net mvc are separated, and the automated testing for logic is better.

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