60 anniversary of the War of Resistance

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Last night, CCTV, a social recording program, told the hero: a common Chinese worker who went to Japan to work. During his work in Japan, he accidentally saw a Japanese pictorial at an old bookstore on the street, these photos are taken by Japanese soldiers at the time of aggression against China during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the massacre of Chinese people. At that time, they triggered a bold idea: during daily work, collect evidence of Japanese aggression against China! In the past few years, he tried his best to spend all his savings. He just collected the rare and rare photographs and descriptions of the Japanese army in China, he was once blocked or even threatened, but he insisted on doing it... He is just one of the most common Chinese workers!

At that moment, I was really touched. This is the pride of our nation! With such a compatriot, I believe that the tragedy will not be repeated, and history will not come again! We will never forget this period of time that has left the Chinese nation suffering!

In this regard, we would like to pay tribute to and cherish the memories of the 35 million victims of the war!

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