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Today, the experiment of writing a simple running water lamp was stuck, why? Because in my program is the key is not pressed down, the running lights do not flow, the key presses, began to flow, the problem came: Since the reset key press after the running water lamp does not flow, the control of the flow lamp initial register can not be set to 1000, if so set, then the Reset key press will begin to flow. Think for a while, want not to set a register in addition, let him start value of 1000, and so on, and so the flow button began to press, he was assigned to control the flow lamp register is OK, and finally success. Very simple experiment, I actually thought for a while, it seems that the programming is really more hands-on, light to see only above his business, remember! In addition, today lovelorn, ah ~ Although short, but do not give up, originally is not a kind of person, perhaps this is a correct result, long pain than short pain, concentrate on learning it! Amitabha


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