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When I got up this morning, I felt a little sad. I don't know why. However, this feeling is so real. Feeling makes me very lost!

Let's look back at the last two months. The comparison failed. It took so long for a graduation project to come up with a satisfactory result. I paid too little. Of course, I have little to gain. Here, we can say that the entire project is completed independently. There is another implementation of your own ideas. However, during the entire project process, the laziness and indulgence shown by myself really make myself too unsatisfied. Maybe I have been on campus for too long. I should say goodbye to my student age. The sense of adaptability at work makes me not adapt to the previous disruptive life. Maybe this is why the elder sister said not to get in touch with society too early.

"The road is long, and I will go up and down ". There are still a lot of unknown in the road ahead, and there are still a lot of helplessness in the road ahead. Work hard, face it calmly, and persevere patiently. I think everything will pass. Believe in yourself :)



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