628K after I recovered my site.

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(I only cut a small part of the space requirement)

To be exact, my site has been k after July 8. The time of recovery is the night of August 1. The above two pictures show everything. (Note: This station is June 10 to start on-line)

July 8 that morning, or that habit, webmaster Tools query every day of the ranking God Horse. A look. Included reduced, originally included more than 200, now left 10 Lais. Baidu snapshots are gone. In the heart the first reaction is that the site was K. At that time and a few webmaster friends to do a friendship link. So the first time informed the webmaster, the cancellation of the links to the site, so as not to hurt the innocent. In fact, next I do not know what to do!

One, I exchange the friendship site, has not been K. So that's not the reason for friendship links.

Second, the main reason for the K station is the quality of the website article is not high, the lack of originality, readability. I can refute that. My site users, the average number of browsing is about 10. The quality of the article is not high, the lack of readability that is not justified.

Three, outside the chain of influence.


In the picture, the increase in my chain is between June 14 and 21st is a significant increase. The time of being K is July 8. I know you're a slow shot, but it's not that long. Outside the chain is the forum signature, why increase so much, everybody should understand, my A5 forum account reply and post Post also have thousands of. Plus the signature of another forum.

Four: Cheating Heimao. This is shagua to do. My website is non-profit and there are not many advertisements. Just a personal play. Do you have to do this?

From the above four aspects, my website must be mistaken K. What kind of work do I do to remedy it?

In fact, very simple, I still and not be K before the same update article, daily do outside the chain. So, as of August 1, Baidu gave it to me. Just put it out when the rankings are not one. It took 5 days to release it. My main words are: Evil comics.


Today's ranking is still back to the rank before K. I'm looking forward to going to the first page. Because in this month, I do the work around this keyword to do. Now it's time to stay where you are. is equal to my promotion this month basically all is zero.


It's also a few words for yourself. In fact, one months to do something, every day is repeated. And almost no effect every day. I really thought about giving up. Every time I want to give up, I will think of a word, is Ma Yun's quotations: "Today is very cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow will be very beautiful, but most people are dead in the night, but not see the day after the sun, so we do all insist!" Also give us the most lovely webmaster! Persistence is victory!

The best international practice Light My station evil comic http://waijiong.com/Crooked Network Dozen A small ad: have the same type of site for friendship links? I have no links to the station now! (edit you are the best person in the day.) )

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