64-bit Win7 flagship version how to troubleshoot when installing software with insufficient memory

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Such a failure is actually not a real memory shortage, in fact, this is because the Win7 system users using the operating system platform caused.

Small common sense: if the user is using a 32-bit operating system, then about the size of the memory is basically no requirements, as long as more than 1GB can, but if the use of 64-bit operating system, then for the size of the memory bar is not the same, basically requires at least 4GB above can be.

While the Win7 system users in the installation of software process, obviously there is still a lot of memory space, but the system will be prompted by the lack of memory prompts, in fact, because the use of 64-bit system, and the memory requirements did not meet the basic requirements, so this situation will occur.


1, very simple, users simply replace their own memory bar can be, this is also a 64-bit system for the basic memory is also the minimum requirements, because if the size of the memory can not be satisfied, then in the later use of the process will also appear similar to the failure, if the memory of the line does Then the speed of the 64-bit system will be affected, so that in the later use of the process can avoid failure.

2, there may be a lack of memory prompts the system, or may be really a small amount of memory, which is likely to be Win7 users in the system to install a large number of programs and software, can be directly set up virtual memory to solve

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