6.4 voice alarm function

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Some chinamix routers provide voice alarm functions to help managers detect abnormal vrouters in a timely manner through voice prompts, solving network disconnection, congestion, and attack problems that the network most often faces, quickly adjust vro settings to provide continuous online services.

For the voice alarm function, you must first connect the speaker to the interface specified by the router, and then click activate in the Voice Alarm column on the Router Web Management page, click Advanced Settings to check the options for alarm prompts. If you have parameter requirements, add relevant parameters as required, when the selected content is abnormal during the operation of the router, the small speaker connected to the router will send an Alarm voice prompt to remind the management personnel to solve the problem in a timely manner.

Figure 4
Figure 4:The voice alarm function of the Qno xiaonuo router can be used with the router's internal pronunciation line to send sound notifications.
The following table lists the voice alerts and handling methods provided by the Qno na vro. It can be intuitive and convenient for network administrators with insufficient technical capabilities.

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