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Chen minjie personal weekly journal 6th Journal: http://vdisk.weibo.com/s/itc3k

# Agile individuals #101 daily growth: 30th days

Our parents are our choices before birth, while our friends are our more subjective choices. Social activities can expand our life field, enhance our emotional ability to interact with people, and enrich our life experience. Everyone is unique, so that the world will be colorful and life will be rich and colorful. In fact, everyone is eager for friendship, and others always show that there is no good reason, maybe it is because they are afraid that you will reject him, so we need to take the initiative, do not wait for others to send a signal to establish friendship and take the first step, so that you may see the other party become enthusiastic. Of course, some of your friends are your assets and some of your friends are your liabilities. You need to analyze your circle of friends, leave your assets, and remove your liabilities. We suggest you join agile individuals.CommunityGet to know more people with positive energy.

# Agile individuals #101 daily growth: 29th days

Every person will take different trains throughout his life. The schedules of these trains may be different, and the stops along the way may be different, but the last terminal is the same ...... that is death. On the way, we always keep watching what people wear and what they own, and use the hands of society to push ourselves blindly to achieve the so-called success. If there is only one hour left at the end of your train, you will pay attention to their wealth. Do you still care about their views? Life is like a tree and a tree root is like a value. Only by developing your own values can you be happy to reach the end of your life.


# Agile individuals #101 daily growth: 28th days

There are two types of happy people. One is to constantly think about the pursuit of true happiness. Another kind of problem is that we never think about this problem, and we have to live without any restrictions. I like the first kind of happiness. This kind of happiness is based on values and living principles. Some people regard self-confidence as values, and some people regard altruism as the principle of life. I think these are all very good, the most important thing is the true execution in life.

# Agile individuals #101 daily growth: 27th days

The cycle of spring, summer, autumn and winter, nature is running every moment. Dawn has the purest and most exciting dawn of a day. It is the most encouraging moment of life. She wakes up the cells of a sleeping day and allows us to see things in the distance, you can see things that are almost forgotten and your dreams. Welcoming the dawn is not only a pleasant sensory experience, but also a spiritual experience. It is not only a person's appreciation of nature, but also a round of impact on people with its magical power. The dark night means to survive and give birth. As the light fades, You can purify your soul in silence to experience the reincarnation of life. If there is only one day left, what else can you do? I don't know, but I know it will start a new round of life.

# Agile individuals #101 daily growth: 26th days

Maybe we always care about whether people around us are happy and hope to bring them happiness. Just as only those who love themselves first have extra love for others, we should also care about ourselves. When it comes to caring for ourselves, the most likely thing to think about is the body. But I think what we care about most is our own positioning, which determines our quality of life. What is my potential? Where is my passion? What is my value? These questions determine what we can do, what we are willing to do, and what we should do ......





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