6th: "The Hunger Games"

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6th: "The Hunger Games"

I have never read a complete English novel before, and all have added an English novel to this year's reading goal, but have not decided which one to read in the first four months. A chance from Sun's QQ space to see Mockingjay, said is a good English novel, seems to have been the third part. I Google a bit, found the original first novel is "The Hunger Games", the same name of the film also released for a long time, sweeping a glance, 24 people to kill to only 1 people, it is decided this year to take care of this book.

The first reading this book is quite arduous, although accumulated a certain vocabulary, but in the first chapter to meet a lot of new words, fortunately on the Kindle can always look up the dictionary, so slowly chewing the two chapters, when the plot of the book attracted, some can not help, began to look for the same movie from the Internet, The film is a condensed and condensed story, many of the complex psychological description in the film is difficult to reflect, not a few minutes after the film has finished the book's two chapters of the plot. See the protagonist Katniss start Hunger Games before the training scene, had to pause the film to continue reading, or know in advance the final results, the book will be tasteless and can not be read again.

The book from the protagonist Katniss reaping day (that is, the lottery to choose tribute) that morning, read the two chapters, no longer forget the meaning of tribute words, each district to elect 1 men and 1 women as tribute to participate in the Hunger games. Although she was only 16 years old, she had been hunting illegally in the jungle next to Area 12 and then Hob in the black market for food or necessaries to feed a family: her mother and her beloved sister (whose father had been blown to pieces in a mine accident). Her boyfriend, Gale, is 2 years older than she is, and she is also illegally hunted to feed his younger brothers and sisters in a similar situation.

The drawing ceremony began 2 o'clock in the afternoon, originally because there was a serious disturbance in history, in order to punish, every year from the 12~18岁 of the young people in each district to elect 1 men and 1 women, a total of 24 people to participate in the Hunger Games, the rules are simple, throw them to a designated place, Kill each other until there are only 1 people left.

The first tribute was drawn out, unexpectedly is Katniss's sister prim!

Katniss reluctant to her beloved sister to die in vain, she acted as a volunteer (I volunteer) to replace her sister. Each of the two tribute is also quickly pumped out, is Peeta Mellark. He is Katniss's savior, his parents run a bakery bakery, probably at the age of Katniss 11 years old when she was starving to death, Peeta threw her a burnt bread (a loaf of bread) so that she survived.

In the farewell, do not remember who in the 12 district who gave her a mockingjay brooch, Mockingjay is a magical bird, it was able to retell the human conversation, and later only to imitate the voice of people, more than the parrot stronger. It is also quite appropriate to translate the film into "parroting Bird", which is the brooch on the cover of the book.

After the farewell, they went on a very luxurious train, their mentor (in the previous game in the 12 district victor, not worry about eating and drinking, drunk all day) slowly give them some guidance, they also learned from the television on the other areas of the tributes situation.

Then there is the admission reality show, the training, the live broadcast interview, a rich people watch the poor people kill the real game is about to start ...

The story is so full of suspense that it's addictive.

6th: "The Hunger Games"

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