7. Building an automatic news publishing system for your website)

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In the previous section, our news system has been able to add and delete news online, but this is not enough, some users may need to find related news entries in a previous topic. However, a News system that is better than others can't help but complete this function.
Now let's add the retrieval function (full text/title) to our news system. First, let's make a retrieval form. See the following HTML code, place the code on the web page that requires news retrieval. You can easily complete news search.
Form method = "POST" action = "http://XXX..com.cn/cgi-win/search/search.asp"
P select name = "select" size = "1"
Option selected value = "search_1" news search (title)/option
Option value = "search_2" news search (full text)/option
/Select, input type = "text" name = "key" size = "20", input type = "submit" value = "search"
Name = "search"/p
Add the search ASP program search. asp on the basis of this FORM. In the form, we use the key parameter to indicate the string to be matched, while the select parameter specifies whether to search based on the full text or the title.
Now go to the program processing section and check out our search. asp program.
* Search. asp
'% @ Language = "vbscript" %'
If request. form ("key") = "" then
Response. redirect "/"
End if
Select case request. form ("select ")
Case "search_1"
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