7 fatal mistakes in implementing membership plans

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If you are running an online business, you don't have to worry about whether or not to adopt membership. The question is how to successfully establish a membership plan.
According to a recent report by the Forrester Research Center (New Member marketing model), sales of members account for 13% of total online retail sales, which is expected to increase to 2003 by 21%.
It can be seen that membership marketing has formed the mainstream of online marketing strategies, and it is no wonder that many companies are vigorously incorporating membership into marketing plans.
On the surface, this concept is very simple: Website administrators join your membership program; visitors visit your member website; visitors click your logo ads and shop on your website; you pay the membership sales commission.
But in fact, the membership plan is much more complicated than a simple success flowchart. It has many special knowledge to establish and operate a membership plan, the success and failure of the member program often depend on the understanding and application of this special learning.
A plan that can be successful may end with a failure due to mistakes in the implementation process.
Below, I have described seven critical issues that may cause member program failure.
1. No member manager and/or customer service
E-commerce has created a very successful membership program. The membership plan clearly defines how members work, provides marketing and sales tools for members, and provides various charts and basic * model programs. However, the key to the success of QuickCommerce is not only limited to the basic scope of online business, but also provides one-to-one telephone help and guidance to new members.
Many companies are estimated to be like self-managed gold mines in the early stages of implementing the membership program, but the reality is that one person must be involved in the daily operation of the management membership program, management personnel are also responsible for customer service issues; otherwise, the plan is doomed to fail from the very beginning.
2. No answers to common questions
Even if the website has a FAQ column (FAQ), it is still not enough to carry out the membership plan, because although the FAQ can fully cover questions related to the website, there are still many special questions in the membership plan, for example, someone will always ask: do I have to pay for membership plans? How to join? How to link to your website? When can I get a commission?
If you do not know who has questions, ask some friends and employees to participate in your plan. Ask each of them to propose 2 ~ The answers to these three questions can be designed as FAQs. With the development of the business, new questions will be constantly asked by members, and these problems can be gradually added to the FAQ.
3. No privacy protection statement and agreement
How long will the Commission be paid to members? How much commission is given? Will the member be deducted for Commission due to violation of those terms? These problems seem unnecessary or bureaucratic, but they are absolutely necessary. Listing all details in the form of a contract or agreement not only increases credibility, but also avoids potential legal disputes.
If you have not protected your privacy statement, you can refer to the relevant information of other companies and make necessary modifications, you can also use some free programs such as TRUSTe to protect personal privacy statements to easily create a statement that suits you.

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