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First, display the paging label on another line

The first time you use IE9, you should feel that the IE9 URL bar and page tags in the same line, used up very unaccustomed. In fact, this problem is easy to solve, as long as the Index tab, click the right mouse button, click on a single line show tabs on the line.

After checking, you can see that the page you opened will be displayed in the following line of the URL column, so it won't be so crowded.

Second, jump directly to the copied URL or search text

IE9 also has a intimate little function, that is, you can jump directly to the Web page does not add hyperlinks to the URL. Just copy the URL first (press CTRL-C or click the right mouse button to select "Copy"), and then click the Mouse Right button in the blank page, then click "Move to the copied URL", IE9 will open the site with a new page.

Another function is similar, that is, you can directly search from the page copied down the text, the same page to search the text to copy up, in the blank press the right mouse button, and click "Use copied text search" can be.

Third, the management of your download files

The most frustrating thing about IE is that every download of a file opens a new window, and now IE9 finally integrates the Download manager, which allows you to easily find and manage the downloaded files. Just press the Gear button in the upper right corner and select "View Download" from the menu.

There will be information about the file you have or are in, and there is a search field in the upper-right corner that will make it easier for you to find the file you just downloaded. If you want to set the location of the download, press the "options" in the lower-left corner to select the location where the preset downloads will be stored. Check "Download complete, please notify me" words can let IE9 in the download file after the completion of the reminder.

Four, more convenient pagination label drag

If you have a Google Chrome browser, you should find that the IE9 tab drag function is quite similar to what Chrome feels like, you can change the placement of index labels by dragging, and pull the Index tab out of the window, and you can display the page as a separate window.

Five, the web site can be searched (small series recommended no matching chart: 7 IE9 Simple tips to make you more comfortable)

You should find that IE9 is different from IE8, that is, the search field in the upper right corner is missing. If you want to display search engines, just open a new window or pagination, and then enter the text to search the Web site, press (enter) to search. Because only Microsoft's Bing search engine is preset, you can join other search engines by pressing the "add" on the right side of the search list.

Six, new page label

This new feature is similar to opera and Chrome, when you open a new page, will automatically list your most visited sites, if you do not want to display these sites, you can press the lower right corner of the "hidden site" to hide them.

Seven, fixed web site to the taskbar

If you have an important website that you want to open immediately, you can fix it in the taskbar by dragging the icon in front of the Web site to the taskbar, and then click the icon on the taskbar to open the site next time. (only windows 7 applies)

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