7 Kinds of common PPT design elements

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The design of PPT is everyone's concern skill, how to design a good ppt template, in the design of PPT, the use of elements, can play a key role. Sometimes using some elements can make PPT a piece of art that takes the eye of the person.

Design elements, you can find from the PPT material site, you can download the good ppt template directly, I like to find some elements of the use of a good template, direct application, and then adjust their own, will be a number of elements to regroup, will form their own PPT style!

The following summarizes some common PPT design elements to share with you!

1. Streamline, graphic elements

When arranging a layout, streamline the screen is very smooth, coupled with brilliant colors and cascade of streamline will make the picture more layered, and in the circle or semicircle to form the center of the layout, on the basis of the standard type in order to arrange the title, descriptive text and logo graphics, visually very eye-catching.

2. Business-type PPT templates can be inserted into some portrait elements

Some business type portrait photo material can be put into PPT, give a person cordial impression, at the same time more professional feeling. Overlapping portrait, figure vector Map, will also make the front of the light, so that the layout to create a rhythm, increase the picture appeal.

3. Unique artistic style elements will make your PPT more taste, such as in the expression of creativity, classical, solemn theme, PPT can use the elements of ink painting, highlighting the taste, but also fit the theme.

4. Stereo diagram

Insert some stereoscopic element diagram, can make the PPT picture more have three-dimensional sense, the participation feeling is also more intense when reading PPT. Take a person's eye.

5. directivity Element

The directivity constituent element can be both the arrow type direction composition, but also can be the picture dynamic tendency to point to the text content, causes the layout structure form to have the obvious directivity, has the obvious pointing function.

6. In the presentation of creative PPT, the title page to add some conceptual physical graphics, make the screen more focused, highlighting the title theme of ppt.

7. Background image elements-a good background, you can save a lot of search for small elements of kungfu, a simple background, can also catch eyeballs. In the use of background pictures, you should pay attention to the background color of the title and text color settings, pay attention not to let the text content of the PPT graphics.

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