7 modeling files of powerdesigner

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1. Conceptual Data Model (CDM)
Modeling of data and information, using the form of entity-relationship diagram (E-R diagram) to organize data, test the effectiveness and rationality of data design.

2. Logical Data Model (LDM)
The model added by powerdesigner 15. A logical model is an extension of a conceptual model, indicating the logical order between concepts. It is a model at the method level. Specifically, the logical model shows the relationship between the attributes of the object and the object. On the other hand, it displays the attributes of the object, such as inheritance and reference in the object relationship. The logical model is between the conceptual model and the physical model. It has the characteristics of the physical model and has many-to-many relationships in the conceptual model, the logical model will be implemented by adding a one-to-multiple relationship to the intermediate entity.
The logical model makes the entire conceptual model easier to understand and does not rely on specific database implementations. The logical model can be used to generate a physical model for a specific database management system. The logical model is not required in the entire process. You can use the conceptual model to generate a physical model.

3. Physical Data Model (PDM)
It is designed based on the conceptual data model and Logical Data Model Based on a specific DBMS. The physical data model generates a database, or reverse engineering the database to obtain the physical data model.

4. object-oriented model (OOM)
Contains all common UML diagrams: class diagram, object diagram, package diagram, use case diagram, sequence diagram, collaboration diagram, InterAction diagram, activity diagram, state diagram, component diagram, composite diagram, and deployment diagram (configuration diagram ). OOM is essentially a static conceptual model of a software system.

5. Business Program Model (BPM)
BPM describes different internal tasks and internal processes of the business, and how the customer interacts with these tasks and processes. BPM is a conceptual model of business logic and rules from the perspective of business partners. It uses a chart to describe the interaction between programs, processes, information and cooperation protocols.

6. Information Flow Model (ILM)
ILM is a high-level information flow model used for data replication between distributed databases.

7. Enterprise Architecture Model (EAM ):
Describes the enterprise's architecture from the business layer, application layer, and technology layer. Including: organization diagram, Business Communication diagram, process diagram, urban planning diagram, application architecture diagram, service-oriented diagram, and Technical Basic Framework diagram.

7 modeling files of powerdesigner

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