7 strokes to teach you how to improve your computer's boot speed

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There is a way to improve the speed of boot. 7 strokes teach you to improve the speed of your computer's boot.

1, disable the Unused IDE Channel

Right-click on My Computer-properties, then click on "Hardware" and then click "Device Manager", in which "IDE ata/pata Controller" and then enter the main and secondary IDE channels, select "Advanced Settings", where the "current transfer mode" is "Not applicable", the " Device type is set to none.

2. Turn off Remote Desktop

Right-click: My Computer--properties--remotely, remove the "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer" in Remote Desktop.

3. Disable Error Reporting

My Computer--attributes--Advanced--Error reporting, click "Disable Error Reporting", tick "but notify me when serious errors occur"-OK.

4. Startup and Recovery

My Computer--Properties--Advanced--click "Settings" in startup and failover, remove write event to system log, send administrative alerts, auto restart option, set write debug information to none, click Edit, and in pop-up Notepad file: [operating Systems] timeout=30//Change the default time 30 seconds to 0 seconds.

5. Turn off Automatic Updates

Turn off Automatic Updates for: Right-click: My Computer--Properties--Automatic Updates, in the "Notification Settings" column Select "Turn off Automatic Updates." Select the "I will update my computer manually" item.

6, optimize the visual effect

Right-click: My Computer-Properties-advanced, in the Performance column, click "Settings"-"visual effects", adjust for best performance, or just keep some of the necessary items.

7. Set up System Restore

Click: Start--All Programs--attachment--System Tools--System Restore, in the System Restore interface, remove the tick "shut down systems engineering restore on all drives", in the "Available drives" section, select the partition where the system disk is located, click "Settings" to go to the System Restore Settings window, and "disk space to use "To 5% or less, OK" returns, set the other partition to disabled as described above. Second, clean up the disk and defragment the disk.

1, remove the program software.

2, with the optimization master or Super Rabbit clean up the registry and garbage files.

3, defragment the disk--start--All Programs--attachment--System Tools--Disk Defragmenter--Selected c--analysis--defragmentation.

4. Clear temporary files, start-run-input%temp%-OK.

5, close some Start program, start-run-msconfig---start, in addition to anti-virus software, input method outside the general procedures can be turned off.

6. In My Computer window, right-click the letter you want to clean-properties-clean disk-check the file you want to delete--ok-yes.

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