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7 Things a novice programmer should know-brothers and IT education

If you have just entered a professional software development world, you already have a certain amount of knowledge, thanks to education and/or training in computer science and programming. But the real development business is different from programming in school, which is something you can't learn from a college or coding school. In order to understand what the novice programmer needs to know, I consulted some experienced coding veteran, their experience can be summed up for a few 7 suggestions

1. Understanding the underlying system

An important part of software development is understanding the programming language. But, as some people suggest, developers need to know what's going on underneath the stack.

2. Know the command line tool

As a developer, you need to spend a lot of time with the IDE or the Code Editor. However, knowing the command-line tool can help you get the job done more easily.

3. The debugger is our good friend

A large part of the programmer's time will involve tracking bugs. Set breakpoints, step through the code, and pay special attention to third party code. This avoids a lot of frustration and gives you a better understanding of the coding knowledge that can only be learned by reading someone else's code. ”

4. Learn to Write tests

Some developers believe that unit testing, which is writing tests to verify that small unit code is doing what should be done, is critical.

5. Actively respond to changes and learn new systems

As we all know, the technology is changing very quickly now. This applies not only to our favorite consumer products, but also to the underlying systems, languages, and tools that programmers use.

6. Good cooperation

Although programmers are used to wearing headphones to work alone, you still have to collaborate with others.

The importance of interpersonal skills, must have a degree, do not penny wise lost watermelon, forget their own job. ”

7. Don't be afraid of unemployment

Miller has a particularly interesting piece of advice. "Job-hopping is a promotion," he told me. "Finding the easiest way to solve a problem is to make your code flexible and free of maintenance so that your boss will give you more." They may even ask you to teach your practice to others, "he explained. "All in all, worrying about unemployment may hinder career progression," he said. ”

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