7 things to be aware of as a program developer in the workplace

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1, the game industry is very smallThe game industry is small and quite small. Once you have developed some games in this industry, you will feel the "small" of it more. Last year, as a consultant, I was involved in the development of the enhanced Wars, who recommended that my people worked with me 9 years ago and I didn't expect that we would be able to cooperate again. I used to irritate the EA, but thanks to the job he recommended me, my rent has finally fallen. So, as I walked into the boardroom, I immediately regretted the behavior that ears had taken for granted. It is very likely that you will meet again when you meet someone you just entered. Every industry relationship you develop is a long-term investment. Those who you thought hindered your success may be 5 years, 10, and 20 after becoming someone you have to pull your face for help. While it is too difficult to ask for a vision that is still young, it is always good to be aware of the small game industry earlier. 2, not a stronger publicityWhen I look back on my career, the most embarrassing moment of my life is the weeks when I started my new job. During that time, I would be very eager to prove myself, and I tried to convince everyone around me that I was too much to be. Every time I show off my new job, I just smoke myself. I am still young, I am too excited, I am too eager to express myself. This act of publicity proves just how ignorant I am about my work. Every time I start a new job, I instinctively want to show off myself. Now I wish I could keep a low profile. Only by studying the workings of the public room can you really find the opportunity to do it. Every new working environment is a mature, deep organism. As I reflect on the past, I wish I had been able to keep a low profile for the first month of every new job. If I can open my eyes, I could have found the real opportunity to exert. 3, to solve the problem rather than complainingWhen you're at the bottom of the industry, it's easy to whine when you see what people above you do. You would think, if you were in charge, you wouldn't do that; why would they make such an obvious mistake? But when 8 or 10 years have passed and you are in charge, your decision has been questioned by the following people, and you finally understand why your team leader made such a decision. You must not be as clear as they are at that year. When you're a member of the game development team, complaining about the director's not, it seems like nothing bad. After a week of hard work, it's a pleasure to vent with colleagues. After lunch or dinner, complaining about what happened on the day is also inevitable. It makes you feel closer to your coworkers and feels better about your ego. But if you really want to prove yourself, it's a waste of time to whine and moan. If you are an intern, you may see something big and small wrong. At this point, it's easy to tell your coworkers that someone is a jerk, rather than looking for a problem that you can completely solve and modify. If you run to tell your boss that the workflow is wrong. Then what you do is to accuse a man who has been overloaded with work of doing something wrong. But if you are telling your boss that the workflow is not efficient enough, then you have done something, and now the programmer can save 10 minutes of code time a day. Then the boss will treat you differently. When you're an intern, the best way to highlight yourself is to solve the problem without anyone telling you. Even if it's just a minor problem. If you can solve a small problem, someone will naturally give you a bigger task. 4. Find "Master"The importance of others ' guidance cannot be overemphasized. When you're in a difficult situation, when you're faced with a problem that you're overwhelmed with, you need someone to talk to when you're dizzy. Other people's perspectives can help you look at your problems in a different perspective. Someone helps you buy jade for pancakes, listen to your questions and make suggestions. And don't have to be one person to do this to you, just a few. It may not be easy to find a "master" like this. If someone puts down their things to help you avoid making mistakes or be happy to accompany you to dinner and answer your questions, it means that you can establish and maintain a good relationship with this person. Try to have a regular meal or a cup of coffee so that you can continue the friendship. Write down the questions you want to ask. Thank you for your time and encouragement to your friends. Have a heart to be thankful for. If your "master" is moving to another company, remember to keep in touch by email or SMS. 5. Don't watch video at work timeThis is the most obvious mistake. The most common mistake I've seen with interns and new graduates is that one monitor is working, and the other is entertainment video, and that's how they work while watching TV. Of course, I have to admit that I myself have done this kind of thing, that is, the development of "enhanced Wars" to do a very boring and tedious work. There may never be someone to stop you, when someone will always notice. It's a bad habit to watch TV while working. You may think that you are able to play 100% of the potency, but you can not actually. If you can do all the tasks you should do while watching TV while working, then if you can concentrate on something, you will be able to finish your work faster, solve more small problems and make yourself stand out. It is easy to find work while watching TV. Your manager may never stop you, but when you approve your internship report or decide which intern can stay as a full-time employee, you know his attitude. These decisions are usually decided by a number of levels, and the person who makes the decision does not have a direct job with you, and the operator only knows that you spend a lot of time watching video shows. 6. Seize all possible opportunitiesThis is related to the first article (the game industry is a small world), you have to seize any oncoming opportunity. If you are learning a game development course, if you are attending an industry conference, if guest lecturers come to your school to speak, these are the opportunities you will not miss. I'm happy with my career now, but I still regret having missed the opportunity to write emails or contact LinkedIn people. You never know what kind of success a person can achieve in 5 years, or what kind of game you could have done with the change in personal tastes or the sight of new things. For example, "Ratchet & Clank" has been my most successful game series. But I don't know, this game that combines attractive images with running-side shots is so successful that at least until last year Insomniac's boss Ted Price came to my game-making class. I didn't get his business card, nor did he write down his postal address. I guess I didn't introduce myself until the end of the class. I wish I had done that. I remember clearly that Vince Zampella, co-founder of Infinity Ward, came to our class shortly after the launch of Call of Duty 2. But I'm not sure who infinity the ward team, because I didn't introduce myself. I didn't get his business card, nor did he write down his e-mail. I'm pretty sure I'm wearing a T-shirt from the pandemic studio, and if I get up that night, I'm sure I'm going to throw in a cocky question again. This is just two examples of comparative grazing, but believe me, I did miss a lot of opportunities in the past. 7. Life is not just a gameIf you have seen this, then I should be able to guess that video games are your lifelong passion. If you can find an internship or your first job in the industry, it's one of the biggest victories of your life. You'll be happy to sacrifice countless nights, weekends, and friendships to make a game. I know I will. Life is not just a game. Youth itself is a chance that will never happen again. So don't let the dream of playing the game above all else in life.

7 things to be aware of as a program developer in the workplace

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