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Office software seems simple, in fact, a lot of tricks, especially Excel tables. Sincerely regret that the university did not learn computer, just use the computer to play LOL, see the United States blockbuster, work to know the importance of office, it is not exaggerated to say, as long as the office in which the city will not be unemployed.

This article is just a brief introduction, I usually use in the work of more than 7 tips, I hope you have a little help.

  1. Make the box with hook

Method: Enter "R" in the cell, set the font to WINGDINGS2 (set the font can try other letters, will come out all kinds of fun shapes oh).

 2, quickly select a column/row of data

Method: Select more than 2 lines and press "Ctrl+shift+↓" at the same time.

For less data can be selected, and then with the mouse 1.1 point down, but once the data volume is large, the traditional way is very inconvenient Czech. This method is also useful for quickly selecting a row of data.

  3, batch removal of the number above the "green triangle"

Method: Select any cell in the column with a green triangle, drag the mouse down, and then click on the right side of the column, remember to the right, and select convert to number.

When using the VLOOKUP function, if the number with a green triangle easy to appear "#N/a" phenomenon, so use the function before the best "convert to numbers."

  4. Display mobile phone number in segment

Methods: Select the Number column, click the right mouse button (or directly ctrl+1) → set cell format → custom →g/general format input 000-0000-0000.

This approach is mainly used in reporting materials, see the number not so laborious, at a glance.

  5. Split a single cell with a slash

Methods: Select object → insert shape (straight line) →alt+ mouse, quickly locate cell corner (automatic recognition).

The previous three-cell two lines are 1.1 points together, is there?

  6. Sorting with merged cells

Methods: Select the object → sort → Uncheck the data contains the title → selection sequence, sorting basis, order.

No longer need to delete the merged cells before sorting, la La ...

  7, the conversion

Methods: Select the object → copy → paste-selective → transpose.

High School and university computer examination should have been the subject, friends before the civil service exam unexpectedly also met this problem, from the farewell to a copy paste.

These are just some of the tips that I often use in my usual work, and the functions in Excel are all-encompassing.

Pondering the two geniuses learn how to record video, how to add text to recorded video, please forgive me for the bad effect. The picture intentionally does not have the watermark, if you need to reprint tells me to be possible, thanks.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Office software tutorial section, triple Computer office group: 189034526 welcome you to join

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