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The knight CMS Talent System is a free + open source professional talent website system developed based on PHP + MySQL. The software has many outstanding features, such as high execution efficiency, free template switching, and convenient background management functions. All the code is original to the server guard network and has full intellectual property rights. With the constant innovation spirit and earnest working attitude of the server guard network, the server guard talent system has become the best talent system among similar software in China.

Server guard CMS Talent System v3.5 bucket 2014.10.08 update:
Fixed the search bug for headhunting jobs.
Fixed the bug of position subscription condition matching.
Fixed the problem of missing micro-resume tabs on the micro-business area page.
Fixed the job category matching problem of the collection interface.
Fixed the bug where an email could not be sent to the interview invitation, apply for a job, and apply for a course.
Enhanced security Filtering

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74cms knight talent system source code

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