7.6 VPN backup

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Disconnection is another fear of network management when managing VPN. When all services depend on the VPN, once the connection is dropped, all users will seek help from the network management system. The Traditional VPN supports a single line. If it is caused by line problems, it cannot be implemented. However, chinanol's multi-WAN router supports the backup feature, which can provide further stability assurance.
The VPN backup feature is another powerful feature when SmatLink VPN is used. For users that require stability, it can increase the stability of the VPN network. Enter the IP address or network domain name of the QVM router's central backup connection. Once the connection is disconnected, the VPN can be automatically established from another WAN port of the central server router to ensure that the VPN service will never be disconnected, ensure data transmission security.

Figure 5: line backup configuration, which can be resending from different lines to the center

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