$7600 worth of wind foosuncmsv4.0sp3 Advanced stored procedure version! Full-featured commercial version full download! _ Common Tools

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FoosunCMSv4.0 Advanced Stored Procedure Edition
Price: 7600¥
Production Manufacturer: Foosun
Product Introduction:

Program Introduction
Welcome you to install the use of "Wind news website Information Management system."
Foosuncms is a powerful feature based on the ASP+ACCESS/MSSQL framework of content management software, the leading domestic first open source, integrated web2.0 elements, modular CMS station system.

The SQL database of the Advanced edition function stored procedure--the main system--news--member (friend Circle, albums, logs, Yellow pages)--collection and collection--voting statistics--download system--Advertising (Open text ads)--Links--Guest book--Talent---------------real estate

Program features
1. Generate all static pages
2. Completely humanized mode of operation
3. System built-in tags and free tag management, you can generate any page needs of any elements and styles
4. Integrated News Acquisition System
5. Member management system, and highly integrated with the popular forum
6. Liberalization of the management of the right to assign
7. Fully personalized template generation, templates are defined by the user free
8. Submission, voting, advertising management
9. Liberalized SQL extension labels for Senior technical staff
10. Automatically generate image watermark
11. The current popular management system of the Business-to-consumer Mall
12. Add Dreamweaver plugin function
13. Some other functions ...

Please confirm that the server supports the following configuration
Basic configuration:
Windows 2000 and later, IIS 5.0 and later, SQL SERVER 7.0 and later.

Recommended configuration:
Windows 2000+iis 5.0+sql SERVER 2000.

Other settings:
Support Adodb.connection,fso,microsoft.xmlhttp,adodb. Stream and other components, ie requirements more than 5.5.

Background management client requirements must require the use of Ms IE 5.5 version, support Javascript,vbscript script, and close all pop-up windows blocking program

Size: 9.23M
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