78. simple use of iconv

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1. If you need to operate files in Windows in Linux, you may frequently encounter file encoding conversion problems. In Windows, the default file format is GBK (gb2312), while Linux is generally a UTF-8.

2. You can view the file encoding in vim.

: Set fileencoding

Solve the problem of using Vim to View File garbled characters.

~ /. Add the following content to vimrc:

Set encoding = UTF-8 fileencodings = ucs-bom, UTF-8, cp936

3. file encoding and conversion

1) convert the file encoding directly in Vim. For example, convert a file to UTF-8 format.

: Sets fileencoding = UTF-8

2) enconv conversion file encoding, such as to convert a GBK encoded file into UTF-8 encoding:

Enconv-l zh_cn-x UTF-8 filename

3) iconv conversion. The iconv command format is as follows:

Iconv-F encoding-T encoding inputfile

For example, converting a UTF-8-encoded file into GBK Encoding

Iconv-F UTF-8-t gbk file1-O file2

4. iconv options

①-C: Ignore invalid characters from the output

②-O, -- output = file: output file

③-F, -- from-code = Name Original Text Encoding

④-T, -- to-code = Name output Encoding

⑤-L, -- list lists all known character sets

⑥-- Usage provides brief usage information

5. batch conversion [4]

Assume that foo1.txt foo2.txt... foon.txt is a gb2312 internal code, and all of them are specially made into the big5 internal code, and big5 is added as the suffix. Create a script gb2312_2_big5.sh with the following content:

Ls *. txt | while read I

Do iconv-F gb2312-T big5 $ I >$ I. big5


Save and run

Sh gb2312_2_big5.sh


[1] viewing file encoding formats and file encoding conversion in Linux


[2] This article describes the C language library version of iconv, which is worth reading.



[3] describes the options in detail.


[4] batch conversion


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