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Learning a new language may be a very difficult task, the best way is to learn from the experience of predecessors have achieved more than half, the following is for PHP novice prepared for some experience meal (I also novice).
If you are a PHP developer, both Novice and master, I would like you to discuss your thoughts or skills on PHP here.
1. Start with OOP
Naramore is the founder of SourceForge employees and phpwomen.org. For beginners, she suggests that before learning PHP, it is clear that OOP (object-oriented programming) is an object-oriented programming idea.
"If you're from a non-tech industry, it's important to spend some time learning the fundamentals of software development. For example, object-oriented programming, test-driven development, version control, debugging, design patterns and so on. ”
"If you've tried but can't solve the problem, don't be afraid to ask." Many of the PHP community's atmosphere is very friendly, and provides a large number of beginners available resources, which you will be greatly helpful. Find a stable community for yourself, a local user group or an open source project community, or a related IRC chat channel on a freenode. ”
2. Anytime Google
Casey has created a software store and has done a lot of research on the unconference process.
His advice is to find his place in the PHP community and follow the "Google first before asking questions".
"Immediately find a user group to join, there are a lot of intelligent people around the world gathered together to chat, open up ideas, help each other PHP group. ”
"Remember to try searching on Google before you ask questions." No one likes lazy people. ”
3. Join the Open Source project
Leonard is operating an Irish software company, Echolibre, and co-founder of Cloudsplit, a cloud computing analytics service. Like many of his peers, he suggests that you should actively try to join an open source project, even if you are a novice.
"By participating in open source projects you have the opportunity to see those source code and to learn from senior seniors. ”
"Help the Open source project team do something, such as time-consuming tasks such as finding and documenting repetitive bugs, and they will be thankful to you." When we want to hire a developer, if he has been involved in the OSS project, we will think more about his potential contribution to the company. ”
4. Do what you want.
Lornajane is a PHP consultant, developer, writer, and orator who is more famous as an online Mitchell.
She gave a short suggestion: do what you want.
"PHP is a very easy-to-understand language that can be developed quickly. The best way to know if something is feasible is to do it. ”
"Anyone can program with PHP." The low threshold means there will be a lot of bad PHP work. But a lot of bad PHP work is very useful, even if it doesn't look pretty. I personally think that if you can solve the problem with PHP, it is bold to implement, even if the things done may not be perfect. ”
5. Avoid coding burnout
Cornutt operates phpdeveloper.org and Joind.in, who has been using PHP since 1998. His advice to PHP beginners is to never generate coding fatigue and burnout.
"I think it's easy for novice PHP developers to get bogged down in an overwhelming situation ... Beginners tend to be interested in the language, but always be a "can run" mentality misleading, and even inefficient. ”
"Try to find a mentor to guide you through these preliminary learning steps. When you really go to communicate with others, you will find many different things in the world. IRC is a good choice, but finding a cow to be a teacher is definitely the best choice. "
"PHP development is also a skill that needs to be honed, and no one can become a master overnight." ”
6. Choose a handy encoder
Turner has been doing web-related work and participating in open source projects since 1996. He runs the phpkitchen.com and has recently been killed in the Seedcamp finals.
He gave the novice PHP developer a very good idea to save time, write better code, and help maintain your interest in coding.
"Read the code of experienced developers and you'll always find some better, more concise ways to do it." Don't reinvent the wheel, use the library to avoid writing duplicate code yourself. "
"Make sure your code is human readable, and if your code doesn't even understand yourself after 6 months, how do you get other developers working with you to see it?"
"Simplifying the interface and writing simple code is more difficult, but good refactoring can save a lot of time and headaches for maintenance." "
Finally, learn about some of the great programmers and how they have been passionate about the art of programming for years. ”
7. Understanding test-driven development, encapsulation, and code control
Herbert has been playing PHP since 1999, and he has made great contributions to Gentoo Linux.
For PHP beginners, he says, "learning test-driven development and encapsulation." Once you're familiar with it, your code will write faster, and people who inherit your code will certainly thank you. "
"Learn the code control, this is the only way." ”
He also said that one of the biggest advantages of PHP is that there are a lot of free online documents, not like some other languages, run to the street bookstore to buy tutorials.
8. Understanding Security Issues
Maclean is a PHP and Python developer from Scotland.
"Because PHP is easy to use, so many people are using it, but we have to think about what the beginners are doing with it," he said. It's not necessary to start from scratch, and it's a good start to choose the right framework. ”
"The other thing to do is to understand the security issues. PHP was once notorious for security because of the side effects of ease of use. We must learn to avoid these problems.

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