8 exquisite jQuery plug-ins for loading animations and progress bars

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  • Spin. js
  • Percentage Loader
  • JQuery Circular Progress Bar
  • JQuery Progress Bar
  • Animated jQuery Progressbar Plugin
  • Progressbar
  • JQuery High Quality Loader
  • Flickr Style Loading Animation Using JQuery

Load animations and progress bars on websites andWebApplications are very popular. Although the network speed is getting faster and faster, our website is becoming more and more complex, and users have higher and higher requirements for Website user experience. When loading content slowly, it is a good way to use fashionable loading animations and progress bars to tell users that there is still content being loaded. This article recommends 8 models based onJQueryTo load animations and progress bars.

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Spin. js

I like this plug-in most of the time. The length, width, speed, and angle of an animated image can be flexibly controlled.

Source code downloadOnline Demo


Percentage Loader

A lightweight jQuery progress bar plug-in that displays the loading progress in percentages and the size of loaded content.

Source code downloadOnline Demo


JQuery Circular Progress Bar

This plug-in can flexibly customize the appearance, loading speed, and set specific progress values.

Source code downloadOnline Demo


JQuery Progress Bar

A simple percentage progress bar plug-in that allows you to flexibly control the increase or decrease of percentages with animation effects.

Source code downloadOnline Demo


Animated jQuery Progressbar Plugin

This jQuery plug-in can display the loading progress and remaining time. You can refer to it for detailed tutorial.

Source code downloadOnline Demo



This is a progress bar plug-in based on jQuery UI. You can use the jQuery UI topic function to customize the appearance.

Source code downloadOnline Demo


JQuery High Quality Loader

Bestloader is a high-quality jQueyr loading progress plug-in that supports Retina Display and requires payment.

Source code downloadOnline Demo


Flickr Style Loading Animation Using JQuery

JQuery-based loading animation effects similar to that of Flickr are detailed.

Source code downloadOnline Demo


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Link to this article: 10 excellent jQuery animation loading and progress bar plug-ins are recommended.

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