8. Operation and Summary

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  • 1. Running Results

  * program starts running

* Connect IP, send message

* Send File

* Receive File Receive request

* Receive files

* Transmission End

    • Summarize

Time hurriedly one months later, from the beginning of the team set up to several people to cooperate to complete the project, experience too many things, from the beginning of a few people busy hands to now cooperate tacit understanding, the blog witnessed our growth, witnessed our efforts, the project is also a complete end, As the group leader of each person's growth and efforts are seen in the eyes, Chen Xiaobin efforts, Li Zhanzo Earnest, Zheng Dingpeng carefully, each stage can see everyone's efforts for the group, the ordinary class time more this project is almost with the fragmented of time pieced together, everyone in the squeeze time, From the beginning of the start, to more and more feel, and then to stop it like to eat a shine, I know this is passion, team passion everyone is full of vitality, everyone level is improving, is software engineering put us together, but also software engineering let us appreciate the strength of the team.

Chen Xiaobin is responsible for the basic code in the entire process has been carefully, often write a set of code to check once to ensure that there is no grammatical error, encountered in the wrong place immediately resolved, lest delay the process of the group; Li Zhanzo and Zheng Dingpeng are responsible for program testing and bug work to identify potential errors, Every function 2 people stare at each other a line of view code for fear of missing out, each line of code to ensure that what the meaning of the implementation of what task; I am responsible for the framework of the program and the core code part, as the leader of the more practical action, encountered problems are a little bit of solution in the network monitoring encountered some problems, Finally through the Forum successfully solved also know a few programmers, is really happy.

Although the project is over, everyone is summing up their shortcomings and learn the knowledge for their future efforts, here to thank them for their efforts and pay But thanks to Fanfeilong, assistant professor (Zhouzhi) and the Software Engineering Teacher (Softwareteacher) for their hard work, each of them is a valuable experience for us, and they are our guide. Teach us step by step familiar with software engineering, familiar with the company's project development, but also for us to enter the software industry laid the foundation, thank you again, thank you for your valuable time and experience to guide our growth and direction.

On behalf of our duang~ team to say to the teachers, you have worked hard!

8. Operation and Summary

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