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Atitit. Why is Java development slower than PHP development??

Atitit. Why Java to develop than PHP Slow development speed??

1. Interface Development vs PHP 1

2. Architecture cumbersome 1

3. Complex Environment Configuration 1

4. Class Library jar package conflict (critical) 1

5. Configuration file Hot Deployment missing ( critical) 2

6. Lack of thermal deployment (critical) 2

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1. Interface Development vs PHP

Javaer 's concept of proof lag, often handwriting interface and tag, but not good use of DW

Solution:: Take advantage of DW , the most powerful HTML IDE . Do not use the struts,jstl type of frame tag, greatly damage the layout, and difficult to debug.

Author:: Old Wow's paw attilax Ayron, email:[email protected]

Reprint please indicate source: Http://blog.csdn.net/attilax

2. Cumbersome architecture

: In fact, this is not the language relationship. More important is the human mind. Pity.. Most Java projects use the SSH MVC approach, as well as a large number of frameworks, what design patterns are three-tier architectures, and complex architectures that bring complex development patterns. Unlike PHP, which greatly simplifies the structure,
Easier to use and faster.

Solution:: Greatly simplify the architecture

3. Complex environment configuration

This can't be solved, the nature is more complicated than PHP

The introduction of the class library,php needs to modify php. INI file.

Java . Net series only needs to import the class library. But the Java IDE 's many hints about the missing class library are less good than the vs Series tips ...

4. Class Library Jar package conflict (critical)

This is a very serious problem. A slightly larger program, the class library is prone to conflict. Cause a lot of time to troubleshoot sub-class errors: JDK a large number of standard libraries are missing , use only third-party libraries , caused by ..

Resolution:: Currently difficult to solve. Enterprises can establish their own standard library . a massive reduction in conflict ... You can create a process to eliminate conflicts, which can significantly reduce the time overhead, but is highly demanded by developers.

For the first hand, you can only take time to troubleshoot.

The. NET series will theoretically have the Hell of the second DLL. But since . NET Ms supplies a large number of standard libraries , the introduction of Lib is greatly reduced , so , There are few conflicts ...

5. Configuration file Hot Deployment missing (critical)

Common ssh often modifies the configuration file , It is necessary to restart the Web server .....

Release :: Discard struts, use jsp+ajax, and Replace with guice Spring

Self-customizing orm Framework , adding thermal modification capabilities :

Of course, you can also modify the ssh source to solve the problem, but the developer requirements high. Beginner or forget to put.

6. Lack of thermal deployment (critical)

5. The code written in the JSP can be executed without compiling. But the code written in the Java file must be compiled first. Not conducive to rapid modification ...
While. NET Web site mode can immediately modify the CS file in the code, the immediate compilation takes effect. From the developer's point of view, similar to PHP scripts, can be quickly modified to take effect.

The average person uses tomcat with very poor thermal deployment capabilities. Cause a small amount of code to be modified to restart the Web server

FIX:: Use a Web server that supports hot deployment. The small project can basically reach Apache's speed. Large projects can also be hot-deployed, but may be slow to start. This can't be solved.

7. Conclusion:

Java can be rapid development, but the requirements of high developers, and such as the accumulation of standard library, it takes a long time to accumulate, to be able to modify large open source projects (such as ssh) of the source code and other capacity requirements.

The ordinary personnel ability is not enough, only by its mutilation can not extricate themselves.

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