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We are working more and less time. How can we become more efficient? Check whether the following eight methods are suitable for you:
Clear your brain: the more you remember, the more tired you are. Clearing your brain can make you more efficient. We recommend the GTD method to collect all your things.
Key tasks: things cannot be done, and our lives are limited. Therefore, we can only do important things for us.
Remove other things: Can other things be handed over to others? If not, prepare a "Someday/Maybe" list!
Eliminate external interference: if we are always disturbed by E-mail, Im, or phone ......, Then our key tasks will never be completed and we will turn them off.
Using the simplest tools: paper and pen, or the simplest software, we need to focus on our key tasks, rather than a variety of complex software.
Do one thing at a time: sometimes some hate Windows's multi-tasking system, so we are disturbed by emails after another when writing reports.
Find a quiet place: avoid external interference.
Make things simpler: do not be a perfectionist, so that you will find yourself having more time to do other important things.

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